Characteristics at a glance

  • Variable, glare protection and sun protection
  • Use of two screens in one system
  • Wide variety of possibilities for light regulation or integrating different screen functions
  • Standard with a 33 x 33 mm cassette
  • Screen material can be selected of a wide range of HAVERKAMP shade films
  • Provides visibility to the outside in accordance with Workplace Regulations

Areas of application 

  • Offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • display working stations
  • Living spaces
  • Commercial offices

System design 

  • One-piece aluminium cassette closed on all four sides
  • Cross-section: 33 x 33 mm with plastic end caps secured by screw
  • Tube and end profile of extruded aluminium


  • Upper blind: operating by a side pulley with locking mechanism
  • Lower blind: operating by moving the end profile (stepless positioning) 


  • Adhesive or screws on the window frame or between the sides of the frame 

Film variants 

  • periphery either metallized or tinted
  • alternatively dimming hangings available
  • film embossings: Glatt, Glatt Stabila, Diamant, Diamant Stabila

Film colors  

  • silver/grey
  • silver/bronze
  • silver/silver
  • silver/black
  • silver/white
  • grey/grey




OPALVARIO® roller blind system Double

Through the use of two screens in one system, the OPALVARIO® OV Double roller blind system, a combination of the OV Smart and OV Smart Universal roller blind systems, offers a wide variety of possibilities for light regulation or for integrating different screen functions.

Combining different colors and light transmission rates, transparency with privacy, sun protection with sound protection – the possibilities are extremely varied.

Especially in multi-purpose areas such as seminar and conference rooms or practice and training premises, but also in the modern working world, the capabilities provided by this system meet even the highest demands of ergonomy and flexibility.

The screen material can be selected from the wide range of standard OPALFILM® shade films. The films can be ordered with various light transmission rates, tinting options and surface finishes in order to meet individual technical requirements and design preferences.