OPALVARIO® skylight system Comfort


Characteristics at a glance

  • Sun protection and glare protection for windows in slanting roofs, with visibility to the outside
  • Made to measure for windows with a maximum inclination of 45°
  • Easy installation
  • System components made of high-quality materials that are resistant to ageing and UV-radiation
  • Can be combined with a large selection of OPALFILM® shade films as screen materials
  • External side either metallised or tinted, as required
  • Also available with opaque screen materials
  • Optionally available with sound absorption

System design

  • Precision winding shaft, cover caps, closing profile and side guide made of extruded aluminium
  • Electro galvanized steel positions the shaft and connects the cover caps with the side guides
  • Available in white (RAL 9016, plastics white) and silver (E6/EV1, plastics grey)

Side guide system

  • As a guide of the closing profile, the guiding profiles are used with a width of 40 mm
  • Adaptation in glazing rebate with 90° / 96° / 100°


  • By pivotion the closing profile at the hang grip elements, the locking element will bedisintegrated and hanging can be moved up and down
  • By releasing the handle, the end caps of the closing profile relock automatically
  • Optionally the handle allows usind an operating rod  with joint to service higher altitudes windows


  • Installation by screwing the side guides into the window rebates
  • The roller blind system is pushed onto the guide rails including cover cap.


  • 1500 mm width
  • 1500 mm height

Film variants

  • periphery either metallized or tinted
  • alternatively dimming hangings available
  • film embossings: Glatt, Glatt Stabila, Diamant, Diamant Stabila

Film colors

  • silver/grey
  • silver/bronze
  • silver/silver
  • silver/black
  • silver/white
  • grey/grey
  • orange
  • bronze/bronze
  • clear (UV-protection)



OPALVARIO® roof window blinds

Effective, perfectly fitting sun protection for slanting roofs is hard to find. For these situations, OPALVARIO® roof window blinds offer a reliable solution – in more ways than one. The made to measure blinds fit into slanting roof windows of a wide range of sizes and up to a maximum angle of 45°. Installation is simple and the cover panel and side guide rails are harmoniously and inconspicuously integrated in the window frame.

The use of select materials ensures extreme reliability, long service life and high user convenience with these custom-made systems. Functional and maintenance-free, the tried-and-tested technology of OPALVARIO® roller blinds fulfils even the most demanding requirements in terms of versatile and variable technical sun protection.

The screen material can be selected from a wide range of standard OPALFILM® shade films. The films can be ordered with various light transmission rates, tinting options and surface finishes, to satisfy individual technical requirements and design preferences.