Rollo, Flächenvorhänge, Plissees und Vertikaljalousien der Marke OPALVARIO®  mit Folienbehang eignen sich für den variablen Blendschutz, Hitzeschutz und Sonnenschutz sowie zur Verbesserung der Raumakustik.

Applications of OPALVARIO® variable systems

OPALVARIO® sun and glare protection systems provide variable shade for a wide range of building applications. Whether for computer-screen workplaces or children's bedrooms: our high-tech systems regulate light to create an ideal indoor climate, making them ideal for use with window fronts, single panels and computer-screen workplaces.

OPALVARIO® systems are able to perform many different functions: sun protection, heat protection, glare protection and privacy protection, with variable characteristics and to suit any architectural style. And visibility to the outside is preserved in all cases.

These systems are employed in commercial and office buildings as flexible glare-protection elements for computer-screen workplaces in accordance with EU directives and DIN 5035.