Indoor climate

OPALVARIO® systems with OPALFILM® screen materials are used as flexible glare protection elements for computer-screen workplaces in accordance with EU regulations and DIN 5035. They also incorporate the positive attributes of heat and glare protection and feature excellent heat-insulation properties.

These aspects comes together to create pleasant room and working conditions with increased living and working comfort. All of this is possible with a fast and inexpensive retrofit that involves no structural modifications.

Moreover, OPALVARIO® systems play a role in enhancing cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness. They prevent rapid excess temperature rise and reduce the cooling load on air-conditioning units. This in turn minimises energy costs and improves the building's CO2 balance, not to mention the indoor climate.

The OPALVARIO® Smart system is certified as energy-saving by the independent ift Rosenheim institute.          

Areas of application for OPALVARIO® systems for an improved indoor climate: 

(Open-plan) offices – Window workplaces – Living rooms in private homes – Recreation rooms – Waiting rooms – Meeting rooms – Hotels – Restaurants