Heat protection

Windows of varying sizes and shapes are important factors of any building. They allow natural light and heat into the building and enable visual contact with the world outside. However, the inherent structural disadvantage of glass as a building material is that it is not able to allow a measured amount of the sun's heat and radiation to pass through it. The result is that workrooms and living spaces become unpleasantly hot.

OPALVARIO® systems are an ideal way of significantly reducing heat irradiation and achieving a balanced room climate. The systems are equipped with special screen materials, which display excellent sun protection values and protect against heat.

The systems are variable and can be individually regulated. The various film types ensure a pleasant temperature in the room by a combination of reflection and absorption of incoming sunlight. This reduces the energy requirements of air-conditioning systems, which reduces costs.

The OPALVARIO® Smart system is certified as energy-saving by the independent ift Rosenheim institute     

Areas of application for OPALVARIO® heat protection systems: 

(Open-plan) offices – Window workplaces – Living rooms in private homes – Recreation rooms – Waiting rooms – Meeting rooms

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