Verdunklungsfolien bzw. Sonnenschutzfolien für Autofenster zum Sonnenschutz, Hitzeschutz und für das Tuning.

Sun protection and heat protection

As the sun's radiation intensifies under hot summer conditions, a car's interior temperature can easily rise up to 70 degrees. Tinted car windows fitted ex works are relatively ineffective at holding back heat and radiation.

SL® brand automotive films are available in a range of different tints, providing very good protection against heat and UV radiation; they are also suitable for glass roofs. A wide range of films are able to create a pleasant temperature inside the vehicle, by reflecting and absorbing the sun's radiation. This takes the load off the air conditioner and minimises heat shock when entering the vehicle.

The very good shrinkage characteristics mean that SL® brand films are very easy to handle and install. Standard metallised polyester films are available in several variations, from virtually invisible to (deliberately) conspicuous; additional functions such as UV protection, shatter protection and privacy protection can be added optionally.