HAVERKAMP is a German developer of sun-protection films, security films, blind systems, vertical blinds and panel screens, as well as further special-function films for UV protection, heat protection, shatter protection and glare protection.

German developer of film brands OPALFILM® – OPALVARIO® – SL®

HAVERKAMP is the developer of such premium brand products as OPALFILM® flat-glass and special-function films, OPALVARIO® variable roller-blind and glare-protection systems, and SL® automotive films.

HAVERKAMP has been developing innovative film technologies made in Germany for more than fourty years. It developes and finishes special-function films and variable systems at its production site in Germany:

  • With a mechanical dry-laminating process, even on curved glass
  • Using state-of-the-art rewinding, slitting, laser marking and plotting technology
  • Employing refinement techniques such as embossing, laminating and pleating
  • In accordance with the EN 13120:2014 standard
  • With ISO 9001:2000 certification

What marks out HAVERKAMP's individuality as a film developer is its ability to accommodate individual customer requirements. Film systems for special applications or with particular colour combinations can be developed fast and flexibly and even in small quantities.

Quality assurance: Made in Germany 

HAVERKAMP has continually optimised its quality assurance system, and it obtained its ISO 9001 certification in 2003. Due to the complexity of its working environment and the breadth of the new challenges it is confronted with, HAVERKAMP's quality and personnel development approach concentrates on locating the best solution for a specific task, with due pride for its 'Made in Germany' quality seal.