HAVERKAMP: Customer service from the room climate experts

As the developer of the premium brand products OPALFILM® flat-glass and special-function films, OPALVARIO® variable systems and SL® automotive films, HAVERKAMP offers its customers a complete range of products designed to create an ideal living and working climate.

Our product range is oriented towards flexible customer service. With more than fourty  years experience in film production and refinement, HAVERKAMP has both the competence and the performance ability to allow it to accommodate individual customer requirements, fast, flexibly and precisely.

Our product portfolio ranges from film systems for sun, heat and glare protection, UV protection, privacy protection, decoration and façade design, in a wide range of shades and colours, extending to variable shade systems, film blinds, automotive sun-protection films and special security films.

What marks out HAVERKAMP's individuality as a film developer is its ability to accommodate individual customer requirements. Film systems for special applications or with particular colour combinations can be developed fast and flexibly and even in small quantities.

Our experience is reflected both in our production and our comprehensive consultancy service. Get in touch with us and tell us what you need!