Special facility advice for ship equipment suppliers

Germanischer Lloyd in Hamburg has certified OPALFILM® film screen materials and other variable glare-protection systems as providing optimum protection from glare while maintaining good visibility for shipping.

This is an effective and comparatively cost-effective retrofit option, particularly on command bridges, which can be subject periodically to extreme radiation and glare from the sun. The benefits of certified glare-protection films are:

  • Glare protection for ship's bridges and other areas of the vessel
  • High transparency and unobstructed view to the outside
  • Good colour-rendering index, very low-reflective
  • Effective, simultaneous UV protection
  • Certified by Germanischer Lloyd
  • Can be used in a wide range of variable systems
  • Available in various film variations and colorations

HAVERKAMP offers facility consultancy especially tailored to the needs of the shipping industry, backed up by an appropriate product range. Our specialist team advises on technical matters as well as in product use.

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