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„Again a thing to further connect Bavaria and Westphalia“ says Bernhard Haverkamp with a smile after receiving another award for the alarm energy fence SolarGARD®. Member of the management board and “chief developer” of the security technology specialist HAVERKAMP from Münster, Bernhard Haverkamp, now accepted the security price 2009 from the “Bayerischen Verband für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft (BVSW – Bavarian Association for Security in the Economy). Joachim Herrmann, the Bavarian minister of the interior carried out the award ceremony within the scope of the ELTEC 2009, the trade fair for building and information technology.

HAVERKAMP awarded the „Bavarian Security Price 2009“ for alarm energy fence


The security fence system SolarGARD®, a HAVERKAMP-internal development, was already awarded the “Security Innovation Award” by an expert jury during the international security trade fair, “Security 2008”, in fall 2008.
The innovative functional principle of multiple award-winning SolarGARD®: The meander-shaped fence consists of a pressure-tight piping system with water or brine flowing through it. This rugged piping system is permanently monitored by pressure and flow sensors and transmits an alarm message if the liquid flow changes inside the pipes or if the pressure drops – for example if the fence is cut through. Filled with frost-proof liquid, the closed and pressure-tight piping system of SolarGARD® collects both valuable energy from the surrounding air and direct heat from sun radiation, being able to deliver it to the evaporator of a heat pump.

Writer: Silke Gärner | Matthias Cieslak