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For the first time ever, the experts from the HAVERKAMP Group will use the IDEX trade fair as a platform to showcase innovative security concepts for airports, port and industrial sites, military facilities and private homes – everything, in a one stop solution. The HAMS special management system enables customised turnkey solutions.

HAVERKAMP showcases a turn-key solution for critical infrastructure at IDEX, the largest security and defence fair in the Middle East


The HAVERKAMP Group is one of the leading German security companies which offers all services, from security analysis and installation through to operational support as a turnkey solution. The consultants and experts from the group have come to enjoy the trust of many German and international managers of industrial plants, nuclear power stations, and airports as well as the directors of military and governmental installations. Security analysis, design and installation are always factors which are developed on an individual basis and treated with utmost confidence. In addition, HAVERKAMP is known in the United Arab Emirates as one of the leading experts in highly sophisticated security concepts in the field of energy.

From its experience, there are some things that the com-pany is fully aware of: critical infrastructure risks are always dynamic and subject to high fluctuation. Each situation has to be reassessed and security concepts have to be adapted. For many years, through comprehensive analyses and the concepts which have been developed from these, HAVERKAMP has successfully protected important industrial, governmental and military installations and the private homes of individuals who are exposed to particular risks.

At IDEX 2011 (20 - 24 February 2011), the company will be showcasing its security technologies to a wide audience of specialists. H.A.M.S. (the specially developed HAVERKAMP management system) is the central technology behind the security concepts and will form the focus of the trade fair stand. H.A.M.S. brings together and presents all information relating to alarms, system statuses and situations where intervention has taken place. At the same time, existing detectors and technical equipment are also integrated into this concept. The boundaries of the building are monitored by digital sensors which, in the event of an alarm, detect the exact coordinates of the alarmed building with pinpoint accuracy. In addition, the extremely powerful PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) CCTV system (with wide-ranging integrated illumination) is focused onto the incident that has been detected and follows the assailant automatically – by day and night, the video images are transmitted to the HAVERKAMP management system. In combination with twofold or threefold detection zones, the redundant sensor technology makes undetected breakins by unauthorised persons impossible. With the addition of especially sophisticated measures, it is even possible to detect attacks from the sea at an early stage and delay them until intervention forces arrive on the scene.

In addition, HAVERKAMP will also be presenting its latest high-performance alarmed fence at the IDEX. Wave-GARD® has been developed in order to satisfy the highest security requirements and render manipulative attacks impossible. On account of the reliable detection technology, the aluminium fence is excellent for reliably securing the outer perimeter of a building and is used especially where a large area has to be protected from intruders. In addition, WaveGARD® is the world’s first alarm fence which is wholly manufactured from top grade, highly-resistant aluminium. Light metal has many benefits: aluminium resists corrosion and is especially suited for use in hot countries connected to the sea.

Because of these properties, light metal is able to hold out against the toughest weathering / extreme temperature conditions – e.g. high air humidity or saline air.

On the HAVERKAMP trade fair stand, visitors will have the chance to trigger alarms on the security fences and test the efficiency of HAVERKAMP’s security technologies for themselves.

As Ulrich HAVERKAMP, the founder and Managing Director of the company states, “In a world in which the threat of terrorism, piracy and vandalism is constantly present, individual, customised turnkey solutions for companies, institutions and private persons are of great importance. We show how, with our technology, all systems can be ideally coordinated with each other and are able to offer a high level of security. In doing so, we don’t just concentrate on technology. Control rooms which are de-signed to resist explosions and bullets, and the construction of walls, fences und video masts are just as much part of HAVERKAMP’s turnkey solutions as the installa-tion of data networks and independent power supplies”. “During our participation at IDEX 2011 in Abu Dhabi, we are looking forward to meeting security managers based within the U.A.E. and of other GCC countries as well as taking the opportunity to present our solutions to see where we can be of service.”