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Police cars in Berlin already equipped

PROFILON® P3A security film for windows already has a reputation as one of the most highly resistant security films on the market, and the product is in great demand. Now, HAVERKAMP has also launched the film for use in motor vehicles. German ABG certification has been issued.  

'We developed this new film particularly with police, fire fighting, technical relief, and other emergency vehicles in mind, with the aim of enhancing their mobile security. These are all vehicles that are in need of increased protection against stone throwing, incendiary devices and other hazards to which they can they can become exposed during assignments,' explains Ulrich Haverkamp, the company's CEO. 

HAVERKAMP launches world's most highly resistant security film for vehi-cles


Automotive film from HAVERKAMP is test winner – Berlin Senate approves coating

The Berlin Senate has already acted. In late January 2017, it confirmed its decision to equip all new Berlin police vehicles with the new PROFILON® P3A AM security film from HAVERKAMP. The Police union has expressly welcomed this move. The decision was preceded by a test phase, in which seven radio vehicles were equipped with a variety of different films. The HAVERKAMP automotive film emerged as the test winner. The process of coating the car window panes is performed mechanically on the company premises under dust-free, cleanroom conditions.

Resistance Class P3A – currently unique on the market

The automotive film is a transparent, multi-layer laminated product. The coated glass attains a resistance class of P3A pursuant to DIN EN 356, making it currently the only product of its kind on the market with this capability. Retroactive coating of vehicle windows with the film reduces the risk of direct assault and injury to people inside the vehicle to the highest degree possible. If the window shatters, the film also holds the glass inside the frame. 
HAVERKAMP is the only German developer with the necessary know-how to develop car window films that are able to display this resistance class (P3A). The company has nearly 40 years of production experience and its internally developed break-in and terror protection films are in use throughout the world.