MicroGARD® pro

The digital alternative

Characteristics at a glance

  • Digital fence detection system for retrofitting to conventional wire mesh, grille panel, wire and expanded wire fencing
  • Converts and upgrades standard fencing to highly flexible security fences that are able to detect intrusion attempts with point precision
  • Digital sensor technology for low false alarm rate
  • Vibrations created by severing, levering, dismantling or climbing over a fence structure can be detected to a precision of three metres
  • Suitable for all fence lengths, and can be expanded as necessary
  • Can be installed without the trouble of laying data and power lines
  • MicroGARD® pro is a product developed by HAVERKAMP

Areas of application

  • Company premises
  • Railway facilities
  • Industrial plants
  • Private properties
  • Country estates and villas
  • Embassy premises and government districts


The digital sensor technology of MicroGARD® offers great benefits compared with analogue techniques. The rate of false alarms is extremely low, as the system is able to recognise events that are not alarm-relevant, such as weather conditions that occur regularly over large areas. Also, it is not necessary to go to the trouble of laying power and data cables. The system transfers pulse propagation time signals through a system cable and also supplies the necessary power.

Moreover, the detection software enables the calibration of individually defined fence sections. For this purpose, installation includes an analysis of the fence run to be monitored and a fine adjustment procedure that allows several alarm events to be determined.



MicroGARD® pro

Low planning expense coupled with high effectiveness: the MicroGARD® pro digital fence detection system is the ideal retrofit product for conventional wire mesh, grille panel, wire and expanded wire fencing. MicroGARD® pro transforms such fences at low expense into a highly flexible and cost-effective security fence system that is able to signal intrusion attempts with point precision, for example by way of a video surveillance system.

The detection system consists of a digital sensor cable and hardware component, which is attached to the inside of the fence. This is able to recognise, with a precision down to three metres, the kind of small vibrations that arise when an attempt is made to sever, lever, dismantle or climb over a fence structure – even over a length of up to three kilometres. Intrusions attempts are evaluated either graphically or by way of existing camera and management systems. The system offers a wide choice of interfaces for this purpose.