Защитная плёнка для стеклянных фасадов

Основные свойства

  • Защитная плёнка для повышения остаточной способности к статической нагрузке стеклянных фасадов
  • Защитные плёнки марки PROFILON® FF особенно эффективны для предотвращения разлёта осколков и мгновенного выпадения стекол ESG (однослойное безопасное стекло) со стеклянных фасадов после нарушения их целостности.
  • Данное дооснащение значительно снижает риск травмирования людей и повреждения имущества в случае разбития стекла стеклянных фасадов 
  • Достигнутые классы стойкости: DIN EN 12600 и не поддерживающий горения согласно DIN 4102-1 класса B1.
  • Отсутствие оптических нарушений на зданиях и фасадах.
  • Устойчивость к царапинам - не требует обслуживания - тонировка с интегрированной защитой от солнца по запросу

Produktvideo PROFILON® FF




PROFILON® FF security film was developed by HAVERKAMP and is a highly effective and flexible security solution designed especially for glass facades. Modern glass facades are a characteristic architectural feature of large cities all over the world. While it is a design feature that enhances a building's visual appearance, at the same time it harbours a security risk. The spontaneous breakage of single-pane (toughened) safety glass can lead to the ejection of large and heavy glass shards of up to several hundred kilograms, which then become airborne.

The scenario just described can be prevented by fitting PROFILON® FF multi-ply facade protection film. The film can be retrofitted to single-pane (toughened) safety glass panels, offering optimum protection in the event of glass breakage. The shattered pane is held within the structure by the film, while the special adhesive prevents any dangerous airborne splintering. At the same time, there is no visual impairment of the building caused by the transparent film.

Upon request, PROFILON® FF can be combined with sun protection with a number of different tints. PROFILON® FF is of low flammability and is additionally effective in protecting against UV radiation.

HAVERKAMP offers a comprehensive range of films: from splinter retention to break- in and explosion resistance, even with alarm functionality on if required. Recognised by the VdS!


The efficiency of PROFILON® FF is also demonstrated by the practical tests that HAVERKAMP GmbH regularly conducts. Depending on the structure of the facade, it has been shown to be possible to attain a residual load-bearing capacity of more than 150 days in the event of glass breakage using PROFILON® FF. An excellent result for the security experts from Münster, as it is considerably exceeds the three to five days of residual load-bearing strength required by the building authorities. Even under large wind loads, the special film displayed the degree of elasticity necessary to prevent broken glass shards from becoming airborne.

PROFILON® FF is not only splinter retentive but it is also explosion-resistant and prevents the spreading of fire. It is available in transparent form or in combination with sun protection. Its special surface seal means it is extremely scratch resistant and very easy to clean. An integrated UV filter ensures that the film does not display any yellowing, even after years of use.

PROFILON® FF has the following effects:

  • Binds splinters
  • resistant to explosion
  • splinter retentive
  • reduces the spread of fire (no build-up of fumes)
  • absorbs UV