PROFILON® security films: retrofitted to protect against break-in and explosive attacks

HAVERKAMP can look back on many years of experience in the production of security films, during which it has constantly developed and optimised its products and adapted them to cope with current hazard situations. Today's product range includes a comprehensive assortment of highly effective security films with a variety of characteristics.

As a film specialist, HAVERKAMP places stringent demands on its security film range, while ensuring  that its products reflect the right balance of security and design aspects to ensure an overall aesthetically and technically effective and inconspicuous solution.

Windows are an essential design element in a building's architecture, both in its facades and in the interior. But at the same time, they are also the weak link in the building's outer shell, which is what makes them preferred points of attack.

HAVERKAMP's highly developed security films are available in an extensive range of retrofit products, designed to match a variety of customer and security requirements: from break-in protection to protection against explosive attack, both in private and public locations. For example, the films can combine resistance to thrown objects with effective splinter and fire protection. HAVERKAMP also offers special films that protect against eavesdropping.