OPALFILM® ornamental and decorative films

OPALFILM® decorative films are window films designed for adorning windows and glass surfaces with a variety of decors; they can also be combined as required with sun protection, shatter protection, privacy protection and UV protection.

Characteristics at a glance

  • Decorative films for adorning all types of windows and glass panels
  • Available in a range of designs to emphasise different aspects
  • Also available upon request with shatter protection in accordance with EN 12600
  • Varying degrees of translucency and transparency

Areas of application

  • Trade fair construction
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Glass partitions
  • Glass doors
  • Through doors
  • Meeting rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Window surfaces in residential buildings

Film designs

  • White stripes, 10mm  (Art. No. 39700)

  • White squares, 35mm  (Art. No. 39710)

  • Rainbow  (Art. No. 39310)

  • Ice age  (Art. No. 39330)

  • Watercolor  (Art. No. 39340)

OPALFILM® Ornamental and decorative films

Create an atmosphere, adorn and enhance existing glass surfaces:
with OPALFILM® ornamental and decorative films you can create privacy, partition a room or enhance glass panels while at the same time augmenting the design.

Our design film is available in a wide range of different colours and patterns and in varying degrees of translucency and transparency, and they can be perfectly integrated into any room design. The self-adhesive window films give a brand new appearance to windowpanes, room partitions, display cabinets and doors. Moreover, they can be used to provide discreet markings on full-glass doors and partitions, as frequently found in modern buildings.  

OPALFILM® ornamental and decorative films are available in a range of material thicknesses and, optionally, with a level of shatter protection that complies with EN 12600.