Glare protection

According to EU regulations, computer-screen workplaces must be fitted with appropriate glare protection. OPALVARIO® systems provide variable shade for numerous building areas and window fronts, and are not only friendly to the eyes but also have other beneficial health effects.

The integrated film material makes these systems ideal for protecting computer-screen workplaces from glare. They are flexible, satisfy EU regulations and DIN 5035, and they maintain visibility to the outside when closed.

The systems are variable and can be individually regulated. By a combination of reflection and absorption of the sun's rays, they ensure glare-free conditions at computer-screen workplaces and ensure a pleasant working environment. This enhances people's performance while reducing the energy requirements of air-conditioning units.

The optimum glare protection system for any workplace is the OPALVARIO® counter pull blind . With the screen material running from the bottom to the top, this system guarantees ideal utilisation of natural daylight while providing individually controllable glare protection.

Areas of application for OPALVARIO® systems for glare protection: 

(Open-plan) offices – Window workplaces – Living rooms in private homes – Recreation rooms – Waiting rooms – Meeting rooms

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