Reliable original equipment partner

High-quality HAVERKAMP technology is not only retrofitted to commercial and residential buildings but it is also found as original equipment in a wide range of industries.

Over the course of its more than thirty-year history, HAVERKAMP has made a name for itself as a reliable partner for Original Equipment Developers. For example:

  • As a partner of variable sun-protection system manufacturers, who employ a variety of OPALFILM® shade film, vertical-blind and pleated films in their systems
  • As a partner of the furniture industry, wherever special-purpose, high-grade, mechanical glass-coating processes use OPALFILM® flat-glass films
  • As a partner of ship-equipment suppliers, who use specially tested OPALVARIO® systems with special-purpose glare-protection films on the ship's bridges and lock platforms
  • As a partner of glass manufacturers who wish to apply special coatings to create additional functions
  • As a partner of vehicle manufacturers for applying  mechanical coatings to vehicle windows
  • As a partner of airports for equipping control towers with sun and glare protection
  • As a partner to the glass industry for various applications such as providing shatter protection for glass lifts, securing escalators and decorating glass partitions. 

We look forward to every new challenge! Just get in touch with us. As manufacturers, we are able to develop a wide range of individual solutions.