Innovative machine coating process

Glass removal - Glass coating - Glass installation
In 3 work steps we equip vehicle glazing with different functions


High-quality film technology from HAVERKAMP for vehicles: We give vehicle glazing and bodywork the desired properties!

Car paint protection and and car window tinting at the highest level

Automotive films with high quality function and design for body and glass application.

HAVERKAMP automotive films offer versatile protective functions - for passengers and vehicles. They provide sun, heat, glare, paint and visual protection, as well as making theft and burglary attempts more difficult. HAVERKAMP film solutions visually enhance vehicles and reduce premature depreciation. Since the innovative PROFILON® car security films have a throw-through, break-through and splinter-binding effect, the risk of injury is minimized in the event of accidents or attacks.

Application and installation possibilities of HAVERKAMP automotive films

As the installation of Automotive Films on vehicles is subject to legal regulations, only vehicle windows from the B-pillar onwards (rear doors, side windows, rear window) may be coated with film.

Separate permission may be obtained for persons in need of special protection or emergency vehicles

Self-healing HAVERKAMP paint protection films for car body!

Innovative PPF technology

HAVERKAMP paint protection films differ fundamentally from many other paint-protecting films on the market. A special surface texture, which returns to its original state when heat is applied - a so-called self-healing surface - ensures that possible scratches can be removed from the film without leaving any residue. In addition, HAVERKAMP paint protection films have a particularly clear and long-lasting effect.

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