Die Rückbank eines Autos. Die mit ClickFilm versehene Fensterscheibe wechselt von undurchsichtig zu durchsichtig und wieder zurück.


Tint on demand
smart film
Switchable film

HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® AM: Automotive film with switchable tint on demand

Switchable vehicle film - Flexible privacy protection at the touch of a button

HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® AM is the state-of-the-art solution for creating variable privacy protection for vehicle occupants. In addition to the visual protection properties, the smart film can be used to display advertising on vehicle glazing, allowing vehicles to be used even more dynamically as advertising media. 

The retrofittable smart technology is controlled by switch or remote control. The controlled HAVERKAMP power transformer has been specially developed by HAVERKAMP for use in the automotive sector, which is why interference signals or faulty switching are virtually impossible.

Ein Mann in Anzug sitzt auf der Rückbank eines Autos. Er schaut aus dem dunkel getönten Fenster. Ein Mann in Anzug sitzt auf der Rückbank eines Autos. Er schaut zum weiß undurchsichtigen Fenster.

See the change in visibility of the car side window with HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® AM in the ON / OFF condition.

HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® AM at a glance


  • switchable film for vehicles - for temporary visual protection
  • no radio interference due to specially developed transformer 12 / 24 volt
  • additional heat, glare and UV protection
  • short switching times
  • for subsequent installation: industrial sand-glider coating of the delivered vehicle windows in the HAVERKAMP factory
  • low Haze value
  • Switching optionally by switch or remote control
  • from B-pillar or with special approval for emergency vehicles (rear window depends on model)
  • PDLC technology
  • ABG approval


tint on demand

Usable advertising space

Retrofittable technology

Combination with solar control properties

Using HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® AM smart

Eine Frau mit Laptop im Schoß und Handy am Ohr auf der Rückbank eines Autos. Der Blick aus dem Fenster ist nicht möglich, da die Scheibe weiß undurchsichtig ist.
Privacy-tint on demand
Privacy-tint on demand

Privacy at the touch of a button for private vehicles and limousines

Advertising space
Advertising space

Side windows can be used as variable advertising space from parked vehicles

Ein Rettungswagen der Berliner Feuerwehr.
Privacy screen
Privacy screen

Flexible visual protection for rescue and emergency vehicles

Areas of application

  • Emergency vehicles of military, police, ambulance, fire department, THW
  • Rental car
  • Rental and leasing vehicles/vehicle fleet
  • Limousines
  • Buses
  • Motorhomes
  • Cars of all types

Variants of the smart film HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® AM

HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® AM can also be manufactured in tints ranging from gray to black, in addition to the classic white matt variant. Thus, the tinted versions of the film in the transparent switched state offer both privacy from the outside to the inside, as well as heat and glare protection.

Product sheet


In Germany, installation is only permitted from the B-pillar. With special permits, the A area of the vehicle can also be equipped (the coating of the rear window depends on the model).

Specially developed HAVERKAMP transformers do not interfere with electromagnetic radiation, such as radio, transmission media or navigation systems.

As soon as voltage is applied to the PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) technology, the film switches to the transparent state. Physically, this effect is quite simple to explain. The polymer coating of the film contains liquid crystal polymers that move and align randomly without the addition of electrical voltage. With the application of electrical voltage, all crystals align themselves in the same way, making the glass surfaces transparent to the viewer.

HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® AM is available with additional tinting properties in addition to the matte white appearance in the OFF state. Thus, a light gray to black appearance with supplementary heat and glare protection properties can be achieved by film laminates.

The installation of the electric window tint film is carried out by trained HAVERKAMP fitters.
The vehicle windows are coated with the switchable film exclusively in the removed state, in order to be able to guarantee the full-surface coating of the rear and side windows on the one hand, and on the other hand to be able to attach the connection cables of the film to the lower edge of the glass. In addition, HAVERKAMP supplies a specially developed 12 / 24 volt transformer in order to integrate the switchable foil faultlessly into the vehicle electrical system. The transformer and film are tuned to the radio frequency ranges of the vehicle, which means that the switchable privacy screen does not emit any interfering signals.
HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® AM can be retrofitted to existing car glass.
In Germany, the film may only be applied from the B-pillar upwards without special approval.

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