Drei Personen sind unscharf hinter einer Fensterscheibe zu sehen.

HAVERKAMP Shielding films

Protection against eavesdropping
Targeted reflection of EMI
Adjusted shielding areas

Targeted shielding as well as transmission of radiation

#GLASSOPTIMIZER - Control of radiation transmittance of glazing with high-tech films

Criminal technologies are becoming more and more professional and intelligent. This includes the development of eavesdropping and data eavesdropping attacks, as well as radio frequency electromagnetic interference attempts. Traditional building structures with glass windows and surfaces insufficiently prevent the leakage and penetration of RF and IR signal energy, so the windows and other glass surfaces are a major weak point. HAVERKAMP's high-tech shielding films not only protect against data tapping attempts, but also protect rooms from exposure to electrosmog. Glazing can be equipped with a wide range of transmission properties from radiation strengths to high-frequency electromagnetic fields using Tempest films from HAVERKAMP.

Tell us your requirements and we will find the right film solution to shield radiation in the desired frequency or wavelength ranges.

Darstellung; ohne Folie dringen Laserstrahlen durch die Fensterscheibe. Darstellung; mit der Folie werden ankommende Strahlen wieder zurückgeworfen.

Radiation transmission of glass without and with HAVERKAMP PROFILON® shielding films

HAVERKAMP Shielding films at a glance


  • Security films to protect against eavesdropping and data eavesdropping attacks
  • Transparent, light-tinted safety films with the highest blocking level worldwide for RF, IR and UV radiation
  • Reduction of espionage attacks and to reduce the risk of RF and IR eavesdropping attacks through the windows and to protect against electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • Audited by government agencies and endorsed by the leading information protection organizations in the U.S. and U.K.
  • Scratch insensitive
  • Maintenance free
  • Retrofittable
  • Combination with shatter protection and sun protection possible



Data security

Radiation block

EMI - protection


Areas of application

  • Research departments
  • Development Cen
  • public administrations
  • Political conference rooms
  • Office building
  • Bedrooms
  • Government Buildings
  • Retreat locations
  • Financial sector
  • Military facilities


Prevention of data tapping by laser microphones

A possible field of application for Tempest HAVERKAMP shielding films is the protection against data tapping by laser attacks. Especially in the case of politically and economically decisive decisions, the press and thus numerous journalists are interested in being able to announce information first. By using laser microphones, for example, discrete conversations can be intercepted through glazing. To prevent this extremely risky leakage of information, HAVERKAMP has developed retrofittable window films especially for this application, which effectively shield the laser wavelengths used. This special film has been tested by government agencies and additionally approved by the leading information protection organizations in the USA and Great Britain.

Protective shield from radiation in everyday life


Due to the constantly evolving digitalization, people are constantly exposed to radiation in various frequency ranges. These radiations can lead to an oppressed well-being or even sleep disturbances. HAVERKAMP shielding films protect against intentionally generated electromagnetic fields, such as mobile phone systems, radio, television and radio transmission systems, as well as radar and navigation systems, and thus turn rooms into a significantly radiation-reduced area. The window films are applied to the inside of the glazing and, depending on requirements, specifically reflect electromagnetic radiation and radiation in the low-frequency range. The shielding films can also be combined with solar control properties

Protection against interfering signals

In large office buildings, it is not uncommon for electronic equipment to unintentionally emit radiation of the same frequency range. Glass doors and partition walls used as room dividers do not keep the radiations out, which means that the clash of signals can cause interference and delays. HAVERKAMP shielding films can specifically block radiation on glass surfaces to effectively prevent the generation of interference. Especially devices without a valid CE marking can emit radiation in frequency ranges that are not intended for the device. Interference signals can also be deliberately used for data manipulation and sabotage. To prevent this uninvited radiation from entering the interior of the building, additional protection must be provided, especially for glass surfaces. 

Technical data sheet


The security film reduces the risk of RF and IR eavesdropping attacks, including technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM), such as many listening devices, laser microphones, RF flooding, passive WLAN attempts, "denial of service" attacks and "traffic" analysis.

The film is particularly suitable for use in government buildings, large enterprises, as well as military facilities. According to sources from the U.S. Department of Defense, more than 200 countries use highly effective eavesdropping and other detection systems. Government security organizations are aware that RF and acoustic IR radiation can be used for eavesdropping. Non-commercial organizations and companies are also increasingly aware of this and are defending themselves with HAVERKAMP foils, among others.

Wiretap protection films are scratch-resistant and maintenance-free. They can be cleaned with conventional cleaning agents.

This special film has been tested by government agencies and additionally approved by the leading information protection organizations in the US and UK.

Yes, on individual request, the film can be extended to include anti-throw-through and anti-blast functions, as well as solar control properties.

Tempest films are special shielding films that can be used to protect against electromagnetic interference (EMI). 
Basically, tempest is understood as the shielding of radiation for security reasons, such as protection against eavesdropping, laser attacks or sabotage by deliberately emitted interfering signals. HAVERKAMP offers a retrofit solution with the highly developed eavesdropping protection films to equip glazing with radiation shielding properties.

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