Drei Personen bringen Lackschutzfolie auf der Motorhaube eines schwarzen Autos an.

HAVERKAMP Paint protection films

Scratch resistant surface
Self-healing coating
Protection against stone chips

HAVERKAMP Paint protection films: self-healing car films to protect against scratches and stone chips.

Long-term value retention thanks to transparent PPF stone chip protection

Paint damage to vehicles is annoying and costly! The transparent bodywork films serve to preserve value in the long term. Due to the UV resistance, these have a no-yellowing effect, so no yellowing occurs. In addition, the paint protection is weather-resistant, wash-resistant and can be maintained with common surface cleaners. The self-healing surface of HAVERKAMP paint protection films is exceptional.

The film does not need to be replaced regularly with unsightly scratches, but can be restored to its original condition by heat treatment ⇒ Save time and money!

Nahaufnahme der Autotür eines grauen Autos ohne Lackschutzfolie. Nahaufnahme der verkratzten Autotür eines grauen Autos mit Lackschutzfolie.

Illustration of the protective effect of HAVERKAMP paint protection films

HAVERKAMP paint protection films at a glance


  • to protect the painted surfaces of all types of vehicles
  • self-healing surface
  • Extremely scratch-resistant surface coating
  • protects from paint scratches and stone chips
  • to maintain the value of the vehicles
  • powerful / glossy / transparent - clear
  • Subsequent installation possible even on complex shapes (good wrap-around behavior at edges and weld seams, bumpers and recessed grips)
  • also suitable for motorcycles & bikes, motor homes, airplanes, boats and trucks
  • can be removed without leaving any residue, therefore also interesting for rental and leasing vehicles
  • up to 1.50 m width for seamless processing
  • 5 year warranty against cracking and blistering


Self healing surface

Paint protection

UV and weather resistant

Simple retrofit

Long-term transparency

Areas of application

  • Cars
  • Aircraft
  • Ships
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Travel and team buses

Protect surfaces with paint protection films!

These car body surfaces in the automotive sector are particularly vulnerable

The application possibilities are manifold: All car parts such as hoods, door sills, loading edges, bumpers, doors or recessed grips can be subsequently protected with HAVERKAMP paint protection films. In everyday life, door sills, loading edges and recessed grips are conspicuously susceptible to scratches. These areas of the bodywork usually show the first signs of wear after just a few weeks, which are caused by getting in and out of the vehicle and by loading and unloading.

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Technical data sheet
HAVERKAMP Paint protection films
Product sheet
HAVERKAMP Paint protection films


The self-healing effect of a paint protection film is simply ingenious:
Scratches in the protective film can be removed when heated (e.g. with a hairdryer). The reason for this is the special TPU material used in the film, which returns to its original structure when exposed to extreme heat.

Yes, HAVERKAMP paint protection films can be applied to leased vehicles without any worries, because thanks to the use of a special adhesive, the film can be removed from the car body without leaving any residue even after several years.

HAVERKAMP paint protection films are currently available in two different variants: Regular and Premium:

  • HAVERKAMP Paint Protection Film Premium - self-healing for 2D and 3D surfaces | Product thickness (Top coating+TPU+Adhesive) 190μ ± 17μ| Protective film: matt PET film
  • HAVERKAMP Paint Protection Film Regular - self-healing for 2D and 3D surfaces | Product thickness (Top coating+TPU+adhesive) 188μ | Protective film: PET film

HAVERKAMP paint protection films can be used to protect both 2D and 3D paint surfaces. The range of application is wide, in addition to cars, motorcycles, motor homes, aircraft, boats and trucks can also be equipped with the self-adhesive protective film. An investment in paint protection film is particularly useful for vehicles that are moved around a lot and are therefore particularly susceptible to stone chipping. In addition, off-road or construction vehicles are very susceptible to annoying scratches and stone chips due to the area of use. In addition to these examples, there are numerous other specific applications for HAVERKAMP self-healing paint protection films, including in the aviation and marine sectors.

HAVERKAMP paint protection films do not require any special care, as the protective films are resistant to yellowing or weakening adhesive function due to their high-quality composition. Coated car body surfaces can nevertheless be cleaned by common surface cleaners or car washes.

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