Building security with high security solutions from HAVERKAMP

Securing the outer shell of the building with modern security technology and simple design

In addition to access controls and supplementary technical measures, structural, mechanical measures as well as reliable detection and alarming of intrusion attempts are particularly decisive. These measures are implemented by HAKAGARD® Sicherheitstechnik, ranging from burglar-resistant shard interception systems, security glazing and doors to light armouring of vehicles.
Access authorisations for specific rooms or corridors can also be set up for the interior of a building, such as with the use of HAKAGARD® mobile elements

We secure buildings!

From burglary protection film to security windows and catch systems - HAVERKAMP has developed products and innovations based on many years of experience, special development and the necessary know-how to protect human life. Whether as a retrofit solution through film or directly in the manufacturing process. HAVERKAMP offers you suitable solutions!

Securing a building properly is a great responsibility. HAVERKAMP has taken on this responsibility and can successfully say: We are experts and can fulfil your desire for security!

Are you interested? Make and your personal security requirements.