Security fences tailored to your requirements
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HAVERKAMP security fences create security without constricting!

High-quality processing of selected materials


Do you want to secure a site and receive an immediate message in the event of unauthorised entry?
HAVERKAMP security fences can be adapted exactly to customer ideas, whether new construction or retrofitting.
HAVERKAMP's durable fences are inconspicuous and can be integrated into the surroundings through various designs.

Security according to your expectations

If trespassers enter one's own property, this is already the first violation of one's rights. The task of detecting and reporting such trespasses as early as possible starts at the security fence - at the property line. 
By understanding our materials and our customers' concerns, we can guarantee satisfaction and have the right security solution for you too!


HAVERKAMP perimeter and open area protection

INFO ON HAVERKAMP security fences

The requirements for security fencing can vary greatly depending on the area of application. In general, all versions of HAVERKAMP security fencing provide a barrier to prevent unauthorised entry or exit from properties and open areas. Depending on the customer's requirements, the high-quality systems can be upgraded to effective high-security fences with optional climbing-over and undermining protection, as well as video and closed-circuit current monitoring.

High is not synonymous with secure - HAVERKAMP security fences do not aim to create open space security through disproportionate fence height, but through modern security technology. The degree of security of a fence cannot be measured by height alone. Factors such as the quality of the materials used for fence posts and mesh panels should form the basis of a secure property fence. In addition, reliable detection systems should be used to detect attempts to climb over or cut through the fence at an early stage.

HAVERKAMP offers an optimal selection to protect already existing fence systems against burglars. For example, digital fence monitoring can be ensured by retrofitting the fence with the HAVERKAMP MicroGARD® pro detection system. MicroGARD® pro can be installed in a variety of ways, for example on double bar fences or wire mesh fences. With the HAVERKAMP evaluation system, the detection systems can be coupled with higher-level systems and thus enable the connection of further security measures such as alarm systems or video surveillance systems.