Planung von Perimetersicherheitssystemen.
We work out your optimal protection system!
Ein heller Sicherheitszaun am Frankfurter Flughafen.
Effectively secure properties!

The protection of properties is essential!

HAVERKAMP #SecurityTechnology for optimal perimeter and open area protection

Conventional fences often do not provide the crucial protection: direct and accurate detection and associated reporting. We have developed our security solutions to do just that. Perimeter detection maximizes the intervention time for emergency services, such as security personnel and police. Due to a specially used technology, the rate of false alarms is very low!
Whether for existing fences or completely new solutions - HAVERKAMP offers you security solutions for properties that are best adapted to your needs and ideas.

There are two different systems for reliable alarming

Quiescent current - without false alarms, for new construction and retrofitting
Sensor technology - detection accurate to a few meters, optimal in combination with CCTV (video), for new buildings and retrofitting.
The purpose of this security technology is to prevent intruders from reaching their actual target, the building, in the first place - at least not unnoticed. This can be achieved, among other things, with supplementary protective measures, thus ensuring maximum security.
Depending on the customer's requirements, the fences can be supplemented with climbing-over or buried protection. Thus, a subsequent installation in already existing fence systems is possible without any problems. In addition, HAVERKAMP security fences can be connected to higher-level security systems, making it possible to combine them with additional video surveillance.

The HAVERKAMP product portfolio includes ideal solutions for private properties as well as for large company premises.


Our experience ensures your safety

Always a suitable solution with HAVERKAMP perimeter and open area protection


We will work out a product solution tailored to your needs for every concern. Through our own production and technological know-how we increase your safety standards and thus optimize the benefit and your satisfaction!

Feel free to contact us!

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HAVERKAMP perimeter and open area security


An alarm fence is not only suitable for classic burglary protection, but also detects unauthorized entry into properties, grounds and protected zones. Often people only think of securing a building - but sabotage-proof protection starts at the property boundary.
An alarm fence is a reliable and at the same time inconspicuous detection system, which also makes it difficult to enter the above-mentioned areas of application.
The function of a security fence is to deliver a message to an alarm management system so that trespassing can be detected and acted upon.

The fences are suitable for long-range surveillance of company premises, parking and sports facilities, as well as logistics centers, private residences, embassies, government quarters and airport areas.

All HAVERKAMP monitored security fences have an extremely low false alarm rate. Depending on the system, sabotage, climb-over and break-through attempts are detected and reported immediately.

Since the security requirements of each customer are individual, we analyze the conditions on site and prepare an appropriate calculation for each request. This is because our security systems are custom-made and assembled for each project. Thus, prices vary depending on customer requirements and conditions on site.

Yes, maintenance is generally necessary, but the frequency depends on the product.