Der Blick aus dem hinteren Fenster eines Autos bei Sonnenschein.

HAVERKAMP window tints for cars

Sun protection
Glare protection
UV protection

HAVERKAMP car windows tinting film: for a pleasant driving experience

Car window tinting gives vehicles a cool look!

Upgrade your vehicle with HAVERKAMP car windows tinting films! They protect against heat, offer up to 99% UV protection as well as glare and privacy protection. Especially in the warm summer months, vehicles heat up extremely in constant sunlight, resulting in extreme temperatures.
Benefit from our wide range of products and offer your customers the right film solution!

Temperature of the back seat of a car without tinted windows Temperature of the back seat of a car with window tinting

Heating up of the vehicle interior without and with HAVERKAMP car windows tinting film.

HAVERKAMP tints for cars at a glance


  • lower temperature in the vehicle interior
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Relieving the air conditioner
  • Glare, privacy, heat and sun protection
  • design-oriented car glass refinement
  • UV protection included in all product types and variants
  • Available in numerous tints

  • Privacy protection with darker colour shades
  • Glare limitation for monitors in the rear area
  • High-quality automotive films with a long warranty


Glare, privacy, heat and sun protection

Fade protection of the interior

Cooler look

ABG approval present

Product series of HAVERKAMP window tints for car

Die schwach getönt folierte Fensterscheibe eines Autos.

Tinted films. Multi-layered and UV deep-dyed, lightfast film meets all standards. The special surface offers high scratch resistance and excellent optics at the screen-printed edge.

Die getönt folierte Fensterscheibe eines Autos.

Thanks to aluminium vapour deposition, Royal Bond offers very good UV and heat protection as well as first-class privacy protection with brilliant clarity.

Die getönt folierte Fensterscheibe eines Autos.

The multi-layered, tinted and metallised films offer unique heat and sun protection properties as well as an adhesive that is easy to remove. Best
shrink properties

Die getönt folierte Fensterscheibe eines Autos.

Basic Bond is a film series that is sold exclusively in the export business.
For further details, please contact your advisor.

Die schwarz folierte Fensterscheibe eines Autos.
HAVERKAMP Special Bond
HAVERKAMP Special Bond

The mirrored special films in this series offer a wide range of benefits: From black piano lacquer film to an almost invisible heat mirror.

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  • Cut to size service
  • wide range

High performance product HAVERKAMP Ceramic Bond Tinting Films

The particularly high quality series of HAVERKAMP Ceramic Bond car tinting films clearly stands out from other products on the market thanks to its special nano-ceramic coating. Due to the high-quality finish, HAVERKAMP Ceramic Bond shines with signal-neutral properties in addition to sun, glare and heat protection properties. Electromagnetic radiation such as mobile phone, radio or navigation reception is not affected by the specially treated film.

Learn more about the high-quality premium product:


Technical data sheet
HAVERKAMP Autofolien
Product sheet
HAVERKAMP window tints for cars


The strong UV protection of HAVERKAMP tinting films can greatly slow down the fading of the interior, such as the seat surfaces or fittings, in the long term. Most important, however, is the heat protection provided by sun protection and tinting films, which, in contrast to full-surface cover mats, also works while driving. On the way to a summer holiday, you don't want to sit in a heat cage on the motorway, and you don't want to waste energy and petrol on the constant use of the air conditioning. 
The window tinting films are scratch-resistant and can be cleaned without any problems. HAVERKAMP offers the tinting films in different variants, qualities and colour intensities.

In addition to sun, UV, glare and privacy protection, the films relieve the air conditioning systems and decelerate the depreciation of the vehicle. To protect the car body from stone chips and scratches, we recommend our HAVERKAMP paint protection films.

HAVERKAMP car tinting films can be removed without leaving any residue. Some car tinting films, such as HAVERKAMP Best Bond, are equipped with a special adhesive that sticks to the film when it is removed.

Car tinting films may be mounted on rear and front side windows as well as on rear windows of vehicles. However, it should be noted that the light transmission in the visible area of the front side windows must be at least 70%, even with tinting film. In addition, all tinting films may only be applied to vehicle glazing with a valid ABG certificate. This certificate is handed over by HAVERKAMP directly to the customer when the film is purchased or installed.

Yes, all HAVERKAMP car tinting films perform effective UV protection of 99%. Despite the high UV shielding, HAVERKAMP self-adhesive car window films have a high light transmission in the visible range and also protect against heat radiation to generate a comfortable temperature and illumination in the interior.

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