Die zersprungene Fensterscheibe eines Autos.

HAVERKAMP security window film for cars

Certified shatter protection
Minimize risk of injury
Against smash and grab theft

HAVERKAMP Secure Bond: Shatter protection film for vehicle windows

Protects against smash and grab theft and guards against airborne glass splinters in the event of an accident

The multilayer film protects against break-in attempts and prevents dangerous flying splinters in the event of an accident. In the event of glass breakage, the HAVERKAMP Secure Bond shatter protection film initially holds the pane in the door frame, minimizing the risk of flying glass splinters and thus the direct risk of injury.

The protection of passengers and property by HAVERKAMP car splinter protection film is certified according to DIN EN 12600!

Die kaputte Fensterscheibe eines Autos. Sie ist zersplittert und hat ein Loch. Die kaputte Fensterscheibe eines Autos. Sie ist zersplittert.

The shatter-binding properties of side glazing without and with Secure Bond car shatter protection film fitted.

HAVERKAMP shatterproof window film at a glance


  • shatterproof
  • UV protection
  • Extension of the service life of the glazing

  • Reduction of injury hazards
  • Retrofittable protection solution
  • clear transparency
  • Fade protection for the interior
  • Retrofit hardly recognizable for outsiders
  • anti-burglary effect
  • DIN EN 12600 certified


Splinter protection according to DIN EN 12600

UV protection

Reduce the risk of injury

Visually inconspicuous

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Use and function of the shatterproof car film Secure Bond

HAVERKAMP Secure Bond security film provides protection against flash break-ins, such as those that occur in large, popular tourist parking lots. In most cases, the delay of the burglary attempt by the glass splinters held together is enough to deter inexperienced perpetrators. Another advantage: HAVERKAMP shatter protection film for automotive glazing protects vehicle occupants and property from dangerous flying shards when glass is broken. The film has shatter-binding properties, which means that the shattered glass does not spread throughout the interior of the vehicle, but is held in the door frame with the help of the film. This allows passengers to be protected from injuries caused by splinters in the event of an accident.

Technical datasheet
HAVERKAMP Autofolien


The HAVERKAMP Secure Bond shatter protection film is a high-quality product that is easy to install and offers reliable protection against break-in attempts and flying glass splinters. In addition, the transparent protective film convinces with a 99% shielding of UV radiation.

No, shatter protection films as well as safety films usually have a multi-layer film structure, contrary to the comparatively thin sun protection films. Due to the multi-layer structure, shatter protection and safety films can give the glass their protective properties.

Yes the Secure Bond anti-splinter savety film is certified according to DIN EN 12600. The resistance of the film is determined in a specially developed pendulum impact test. The test simulates the impact of a human body on the glass surface. For this purpose, two tires with a filling pressure of 3.5 bar and an additional steel weight are swung against the coated pane. In order to pass the pendulum impact test according to DIN EN 12600, the film-glass combination must withstand the pendulum impact with a total mass of 50 kg without breaking into individual parts or from the frame.

Yes, it is possible to install the splinter protection film yourself. If required, we will provide you with supporting installation instructions. In addition, we offer seminars for film processors to improve the installation skills and thus guarantee the protection provided by the film

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In addition to the splinter-binding properties, this window film offers a convincing UV protection of 99%, which greatly delays the fading of the vehicle equipment. Nevertheless, 89% of visible light reaches the vehicle interior through the 115µ thick film coating.

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