Glasbruch- Nahaufnahme gesplitterte Fensterscheibe

HAVERKAMP FF Facade protection film

Protection for glass facades
Extends residual load capacity
Prevents flying splinters

Minimizing the risk of injury and property damage - safety film for protecting glass facades

Highly effective: HAVERKAMP FF facade protection film

Glass is modern and very popular. More and more buildings are embellished with large glass facades, especially architecturally glass enhances enormously. However, there are cases of spontaneous glass breakage due to edge damage, nickel sulfide inclusions, constraints or external mechanical impact. The falling of large and heavy pieces of glass of up to several hundred kilos is not uncommon. The shattered glass is held in place by HAVERKAMP's façade protection film and protects against dangerous flying fragments. However, the HAVERKAMP FF film not only has a splinter-binding property, but also has blast- and fire flashover-inhibiting functions.

Nahaufnahme einer intakten Glasfassade. Nahaufnahme der gesprungenen Scheibe einer Glasfassade. Sie wird durch die Schutzfolie noch zusammengehalten.

Behaviour of the glass facade in case of glass breakage with HAVERKAMP FF facade protection film

HAVERKAMP FF Facade Protection at a glance


  • Safety film for the protection of glazing to increase the residual load-bearing capacity of facades

  • reliable splinter binding

  • blast-resistant properties

  • shatter-resistant (prevents the immediate fall of toughened safety glass on glass facades after spontaneous glass breakage)

  • B1 fire flashover resistant (no smoke)

  • UV absorbing

  • Retrofit solution that significantly reduces the risk of injury to persons and damage to property in the event of glass breakage from glass facades

  • achieved resistance class: DIN EN 12600

  • no optical impairment of the building and its windows

  • scratch resistant

  • maintenance free


Splinter protection for glass facades

Retrofit solution

Minimizes risk of injury

Splinter binding

Resistance class DIN EN 12600

Areas of application

  • Administration building
  • Balustrade glazing
  • Office building
  • Glass bridges
  • Government Buildings
  • Skyscrapers
  • Hotels
  • Buildings with a high frequency of people
  • Glass stairs


HAVERKAMP regularly makes practical tests

Results are more than positive:

The HAVERKAMP FF protective film with a transparent appearance demonstrated the necessary elasticity and glass shard binding even under high wind loads.
Depending on the facade construction, a residual load-bearing capacity of the façade of more than 150 days can be achieved in the event of glass breakage. This far exceeds the three to five days of residual load-bearing capacity required by building supervisory authorities.
Due to the diversity of existing facade constructions, there is no general approval under building regulations. As a rule, an application for approval is made on a case-by-case basis and granted after appropriate examination.

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Technical data sheet
HAVERKAMP FF Facade protection film


Numerous practical and laboratory tests have been successfully carried out as part of projects by independent and recognized testing institutes and experts. The positive results exceed the values required by building supervisory authorities to a high degree. In individual cases, HAVERKAMP Facade Protection Film FF can be tested and used in combination with the existing facade.

Yes, the safety film is available in clear and tinted (sunscreen) versions.

Yes, the warranty on HAVERKAMP FF facade protection is five years for interior processing and 4 years for exterior processing. However, experience has shown that the multi-layer safety film will continue to function beyond this period. There are no visual or technical impairments. HAVERKAMP FF is equipped with a UV filter that prevents yellowing of interiors or exhibits even after many years.

Glass facades have versatile advantages: Visually, glass facades appear modern, simple and stylish, which is why architects are increasingly opting for glass as a facade construction material.
In addition, large windows on facade surfaces provide an ideal basis for a pleasant and light-flooded indoor climate. 
However, glass facades can also become a serious hazard. Often, the surfaces of these glazings are not sufficiently protected against glass breakage, which is why they need to be touched up with protective films. This is because falling glass splinters, sometimes weighing more than 100 kg, can be life-threatening for passers-by on the sidewalk. HAVERKAMP FF protects against falling splinters and the resulting personal injury and property damage.
Another disadvantage of large glass facades is bird strike. Birds cannot perceive the glazing as an obstacle due to the transparency, or are fooled by landscape images reflected in the glazing. HAVERKAMP has a film solution for this as well:

HAVERKAMP birdsafe® Bird protection film

HAVERKAMP FF facade protection can be retrofitted on almost all glazing, also with enameled surface.

As a flat glass filml, the facade film can be applied to all flat facade elements made of glass. There are three installation options for mounting the film on the glazing:

  • Mounting directly on the installed glass of the facade
  • Coating of the glass in the removed state on site with a mobile laminating machine using the dry coating process. Immediately after coating, the glass can be reattached to the facade.
  • Coating of the removed glass under best clean room conditions

HAVERKAMP FF- a multi-layer facade protection film, which prevents glass elements from falling in case of sudden glass breakage. By installing the transparent HAVERKAMP facade protection film, the risk of personal injury and property damage is minimized. This highly effective and flexible safety solution was specially developed to secure facades. The special surface sealing makes the film scratch-resistant and thus ensures durable transparency of the windows. The integrated UV filter ensures that the film does not show any signs of yellowing even after years. HAVERKAMP FF can be mounted on existing toughened safety glass without changing the appearance of buildings and glass walls.

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