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HAVERKAMP attachment, sliding and mobile elements

Flexible security solutions for the retrofit protection of any glazing

HAVERKAMP security technology in reliable and certified resistance classes

You want to protect your building but do not want to replace every pane with safety glass?
Retrofittable security with HAVERKAMP PROSECURAL attachment frames offers cost-effective and robust protection with polycarbonate glazing, which is recommended by insurance companies. HAKAGARD® mobile elements and sliding glass elements with a bullet-resistant glass structure can be moved and aligned freely in the room or inserted in guide rails in front of the original glazing.

HAVERKAMP attachment, sliding and mobile elements at a glance


  • individueller, leistungsstarker, flexibler Schutz vor Beschuss oder Auswirkungen von Sprengstoffanschlägen
  • Can be easily and inconspicuously mounted on all window constructions (also transom windows or structural glazing)
  • Most impact-resistant plastic material on the world market held by PROSECURAL frame profiles developed in-house
  • Resistance classes A3 according to DIN 52 290, P5A according to EN 356 and class EH 02 according to VdS
  • More cost-effective than a costly replacement of the glazing
  • individual and made to measure
  • High-quality glass composites in Opti-White quality (white glass)
  • Can be used variably in the room and in front of existing window fronts


Retrofittable safety technology

Safety glazing

Mobile glass systems

Cost-effective upgrade

Areas of application

  • Public buildings with short-term increased security needs
  • Justice building
  • Hotels
  • police objects
  • Assembly rooms, religious meeting places
  • Homes with a high need for protection
  • Hotel rooms with high security requirements
  • Military facilities and administrations
  • Embassies and government buildings
  • Banks
  • Conference rooms / meeting rooms
  • Museums, Galleries
  • listed buildings


PROSECURAL Attachment frame

What makes the PROSECURAL attachment frames so special are the special frame profiles developed by HAVERKAMP, as well as the use of highly efficient polycarbonate glazing, which is classified according to VdS guidelines in classes A3 to DIN 52 290, P5A to EN 356 and EH 02.
This means that window situations with small mullioned windows, structural glazing or listed buildings can be easily retrofitted with the attachment windows. The system is recommended by criminal police advisory centres and prescribed by many property insurers for certain properties.

HAKAGARD® Sliding glass elements

HAKAGARD® sliding glass elements consist of ultra-light glass, which is particularly thin and light compared to laminated safety glass.
This solution is often used, especially in listed buildings where no structural changes may be made. The surface of the window guide rails can be adapted to the local conditions. They can be installed both in and in front of the reveal and can be extended as required with various additional options.

HAKAGARD® Mobile elements

HAKAGARD® mobile elements have bullet-resistant glazing and optionally a bullet-resistant frame construction and are suitable for extremely effective retrofitting. This makes them suitable for both short and long-term use. With specially manufactured castors, the mobile elements can be used variably in the room as well as in front of existing window fronts. Bullet-resistant coupling profiles allow for any length of extension to a bullet-resistant front or even corner combination.

Product sheet
PROSECURAL Attachment frame
Product sheet
HAKAGARD® Sliding glass element
Product sheet
HAKAGARD® Mobile elements


HAKAGARD® mobile elements are available in resistance classes BR 1 to BR 7 according to DIN EN 1063.

The mobile glass elements are particularly suitable for the protection of any public building,
e.g. police, judicial and military buildings, or meeting and hotel rooms.

The polycarbonate used fulfils the resistance classes A3 according to DIN 52 290, P5A according to EN 356 and class EH 02 according to VdS guidelines.

In addition to the variable size of the windows, the frame can also be processed in all RAL colours. They can be easily adapted to the existing architecture.

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