HAVERKAMP Variable sun protection systems

Efficient heat and glare protection properties
Internal sun protection
Made in Germany

HAVERKAMP Roller blind systems - Made-to-measure glare and sun protection

Flexible, effective, high-quality - creating perfect sun and heat protection for every situation

Variable systems in combination with high-quality film and fabric hangings: HAVERKAMP roller blinds provide effective and design-affine heat and glare protection! The light is refracted by the film hangings and the sun's rays are reliably reflected. The height of the curtain of the internal variable systems can be individually adjusted at any time. The special feature: The view to the outside is always given in accordance with EU directives. This creates an all-round pleasant atmosphere of a glare-free workplace, which has a positive effect on health and well-being - without any restriction of daylight.

HAVERKAMP variable sun protection systems at a glance


  • for almost every area of application
  • especially as light regulation for workplaces
  • In accordance with the Workplace Ordinance (ArbStättV) with view to the outside
  • UV protection included in all product types and variants
  • Large variety of films and colours
  • HAVERKAMP is certified according to ISO 9001:2000
  • Available with different profiles, fixing and operating techniques
  • let you calculate your suitable hangings
  • disinfectant resistant
  • Can be integrated into Smart Home


Individual composition

Easy mounting

Glare, sun and heat protection

Meets EU directives for workplaces

Reduction of air conditioning costs

System variants

Eine Person betätigt ein elektrisches Sonnenschutzrollo.
The roller blind systems of the HAVERKAMP Smart series were specially developed for the requirements of shading in the commercial sector. Very small profile dimensions and clean lines meet demands of modern architecture. As standard, the systems are equipped with a cassette in the size 33 x 33 mm. Further cash size: 45 x 45 mm. Different variants are available as side guides. The guide profiles also assume a load-bearing function of the systems.
HAVERKAMP Smart Universal
The system is also highly variable in its operability and can be freely moved and infinitely positioned without a chain hoist. The HAVERKAMP Smart Universal is available with a classic top-to-bottom curtain run or as a counterdraw roller blind. This makes the system suitable for a wide range of applications in both the commercial and private sectors.
Ein Fenster mit schwarzem Rollo.
HAVERKAMP Smart counterdraught roller blind
The HAVERKAMP Smart counterdraught roller blind system ensures ideal utilization of natural daylight for pleasant room illumination thanks to its curtain run from the bottom to the top. Depending on the position of the sun, the curtain can be positioned in any desired position. This makes it the ideal solution for computer screen workstations, among other things.
Die, mit Sonnenschutzrollos versehenen, Fenster eines Büros.
The HAVERKAMP roller blind system 40 is characterized by its particularly discreet cassette system. The modular design with different side guide and cassette profiles, fastening and operating techniques allows a variety of uses as variable sun protection in a wide range of room and office situations. Also available with a one-piece cassette, there are numerous possible applications.
Nahaufnahme des Folienbehangs eines Rollos.
The HAVERKAMP roller blind system Basic is the classic among modern roller blind systems and an effective and effective sun and glare protection. It can be installed very easily and in almost any room situation, by clips on the window frame, wall or ceiling.
The system impresses with its straightforward appearance. It thus ensures a more pleasant room climate without completely blocking out the beneficial light.
Zwei Dachfenster mit Dachfensterrollos.
HAVERKAMP Roof window blind Comfort
Effective and precisely fitting sun protection on windows in sloping roofs is often difficult to find. The HAVERKAMP skylight roller blind offers a reliable solution for this requirement in several respects: The customized roller blinds fit into slanted windows of various sizes up to max. 45° inclination. The installation is uncomplicated.
Ein Fenster mit HAVERKAMP Double Rollo.
With the use of two hangings in one system, the HAVERKAMP Double roller blind system offers a wide range of possibilities for light regulation or for linking different hanging functions.
Especially in multifunctionally used rooms such as seminar and conference rooms, in practice and training areas, but also in the modern working world, the possibilities of this system meet the high requirements for ergonomics and flexibility.

Roller blind systems with multifunctional film hangings

Sun protection without losing the view!
You have the choice! Easily determine the color, embossing and color gradation! Our sun protection roller blinds are versatile and can be individually combined. There are many other configuration options for the roller blinds in terms of operation, cassette size, curtain length or areas of application - for example, also available as a skylight roller blind.
The variable sun protection systems are equipped with a film curtain made of PET;. They are a suitable sun and glare protection for every workplace - as prescribed by the EU screen directive. The films reflect the sun's rays and effectively refract and diffuse the light.


With the help of specially developed manufacturing and finishing processes - the so-called calender embossing process - we are working on the continuous further development of our systems and hangings. As a result, we are constantly setting new standards and can present new products to our customers. Our products in the field of interior sun and glare protection bring many advantages and are therefore known as all-rounders. Not only in summer the roller blind systems offer a considerable advantage! HAVERKAMP products also have a great benefit in winter. Due to the insulating properties, heat loss through the windows is significantly reduced and heating costs are saved. All film hangings have surface and disinfectant resistance, so they can be disinfected and cleaned. 
All our roller blind systems are also available with fabric hangings in different colors.


We calculate the perfect hangings

Did you know?

With our special software, the HAVERKAMP e-Calculator, we directly analyze the right film for your climate target. This is an exact and standard-compliant calculation of energetic values according to DIN EN 410, so that not only optimal glare and heat protection is provided, but also so that you can save energy at the same time!
The calculation offers a stress analysis, for the avoidance of a thermal glass crack and is a resilient basis for further energy calculations (such as cost savings or temperature reduction in the building).

Advice from a professional? This way!



HAVERKAMP offers a wide range of different curtain variants, as standard the outside is metallized or tinted. In addition, there are  different tinting levels and a wide range of colors. To find the right curtain for every requirement, there are different embossing and pleating variants. By means of a so-called calender embossing process, we guarantee uniform hanging behavior of the hangings. The diamond embossing, a specially developed pyramid structure, ensures on the one hand a high stability of the film and on the other hand an excellent and attractive appearance.
Our systems are also available with specially finished fabric hangings on request.

Due to our wide product range, we have a suitable variable sun protection system for almost every requirement. Whether for slanted glazing beads, skylights or the classic - we produce the sun protection roller blinds made to measure.
Become a HAVERKAMP partner! We advise and produce with the highest reliability and quality.

Become a partner

Precisely because daylight is so important and influences the atmosphere of living and working, the hangings offer high light transmission. The sunlight is minimized, but the view to the outside is not limited. 
Since blackout blinds are also useful depending on the application, we also have blackout film variants.

The variable sun protection systems are available with different handling techniques. The most common variant is the handling with the chains, here you can choose between a plastic or metal ball chain. Of course, our systems are also available with a motor, we have a wide range of Somfy control components, these provide stepless curtain positioning. HAVERKAMP roller blinds can also be integrated into a smart home system.

Since HAVERKAMP roller blind systems comply with EU directives as well as the DIN EN 12464-1 standard for lighting workplaces, they are particularly suitable for use there. Competent contacts can be found throughout Germany via a broad dealer network with trained personnel. The systems are versatile and are made to measure, so there are many possible applications.

Thanks to our deep product range of foil hangings, we offer a wide selection. You can choose between different color and tinting levels, as well as various embossing and pleating/stabilization options. 

You can find an overview of our fims here: HAVERKAMP Film hangings

The installation of the roller blind systems is simple and fast. The mounting can be done by drilling or gluing. We will be happy to provide you with our assembly instructions!

Due to a certain finishing process, the roller blinds reliably reflect sun rays. That is why the systems are also known as thermal blinds. Due to the optimal heat and heat protection, interiors do not heat up and a pleasant atmosphere remains even on hot days.  Also in winter, the sun protection systems have a decisive benefit: Due to the function of the insulating blind, the heat from inside the room does not get outside and there is much less need for heating. Thanks to our specially developed software, we can calculate in advance the most suitable and effective curtain for your building project.

HAVERKAMP thermal blinds are the optimal solution to combat heat in rooms. They not only reflect the sun's rays and refract the light, they are translucent and visually blend into the room. The roller blinds are also very useful in winter and reflect the cold that comes through the windows, saving heating costs.

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