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High quality security films directly from the manufacturer

HAVERKAMP develops and produces in Germany

We develop our high-performance films with one goal in mind: to ensure safety! To make this possible, we work closely with top German federal authorities and internationally renowned institutes. Almost any type of glazing can be retrofitted with PROFILON® security films with various security features. These range from burglary- and blast-resistant properties to alarm function and targeted shielding of electromagnetic radiation.
In addition to the PROFILON® premium products for flat glass, HAVERKAMP has developed security films especially for automotive applications. These films are particularly suitable for increasing the mobile security of police, fire department, emergency vehicles in crisis areas as well as military.

Resistance classes at a glance

The resistance classes provide information on the resistance of security film and glass to penetration. In accordance with the DIN EN 356 standard, these resistance classes are divided into classes P1A (impact-resistant) to P8B (break-through-resistant). Standardized test procedures have been developed to classify a security product in the corresponding resistance class. For example, the products must be able to withstand being thrown through with a heavy metal ball, or remain resistant to multiple hammer/axe blows. The highest possible rating for security film is P4A.

Class Property Ball drop height Count Hit area
P1A throw-through resistance 1,5 m 3x Triangle in glass center
P2A throw-through resistance 3 m 3x Triangle in glass center
P3A throw-through resistance 6 m 3x Triangle in glass center
P4A (RC2)  throw-through resistance 9 m 3x Triangle in glass center

P5A (RC3)

throw-through resistance 9 m 9x Triangle in glass center
Class Property Number of hammer blows
P6B (RC4) Breakthrough resistant 30 bis 50
P7B (RC5) Breakthrough resistant 51 bis 70
P8B (RC6) Breakthrough resistant > 70

Highest quality with best customer references

We offer a diverse range of films

PROFILON® Security films are a powerful retrofit solution for the protection and security of buildings, people and vehicles.

* tested and certified on 4mm float glass

History of the development

Security films made in Germany

As early as the late 1970s, HAVERKAMP, together with Dutchman Henk Glastra, invented the multi-layer security film for glass panes - today still the leader when it comes to effective films with burglar and blast resistance. HAVERKAMP burglary protection films and security films for glass panes and windows ensure that glass is much more resistant to attacks. Various certificates ( among others from the Materialprüfungsamt) confirm the performance of the PROFILON® premium films developed and produced by HAVERKAMP.

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High-quality safety films for glass panes are tested according to DIN -Euro standards. This test procedure certifies a security film a certain resistance class at corresponding load. Even if this security film is applied to the inside and outside of a glass, the resistance class of the individual film remains the same. So coating glass panes with one film on the inside and one film on the outside does not mean that the resistance class is doubled at the same time. .  

When testing, always look for test certificates that describe exactly which film was tested, with which thickness and which structure, and thus which resistance class it occupies.
Verifiable references also provide information about the quality of the products and the seriousness of the supplier.

Always ask about the warranty when making offers. Especially for externally installed film. Externally installed films are directly exposed to the weather and direct sunlight - this makes them porous and vulnerable . The protective function can then not be guaranteed permanently.
Not all films are the same.
HAVERKAMP gives a warranty up to 12 years on its PROFILON® safety films for interior installation.

Security films must always be installed from the inside. Security films, on the outside of windows, do not provide objective protection. They can be easily cut open and thus sabotaged. The tested resistance class is thus no longer guaranteed. Attaching security films to the outside is comparable to attaching security fittings for windows or doors to the outside - the fittings can then be easily opened from the outside. In addition, a security film applied to the outside could only achieve the tested protective effects in the warm summer months. The film material becomes brittle during the winter months. To eliminate this negative effect, HAVERKAMP offers all PROFILON® security films exclusively for interior installation.

Thickness alone, often specified in μ, has little significance for the effectiveness of a film. It depends much more on the layers, the material and the compositions.