HAVERKAMP climb-over detection

Sabotage-proof detection system
Unobtrusive retrofit solution
Climb-over protection for security fences

HAVERKAMP overclimb protection: inconspicuous, reliable, effective

Retrofittable climb-over detection system

A standard fence does not protect against climbing over. HAVERKAMP offers a retrofittable climb-over detection for almost every fence type. The compact security solution for the detection of over-climbing attempts is undetectable to attackers and has an extremely low false alarm rate.
Over-climbing detection for retrofitting - regardless of what material the fence is.
HAVERKAMP has developed retrofittable climbing protection for a wide range of perimeter solutions and can meet individual customer requirements.

Easy retrofitting of climb-over detection | right: mounted detection system

HAVERKAMP Climb-over protection at a glance


  • Easy and cost-efficient to retrofit
  • Suitable for all fence lengths, can be extended as required
  • Extremely low false alarm rates and high effectiveness
  • Low planning effort
  • Retrofitting of Bar mesh, wire mesh fences, walls, solid fences
  • Also for roof edges


Overclimb message


Reliable detection system

Fields of application

  • Airport site
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Private properties
  • Commercial property boundaries of production facilities, logistics companies, warehouses, office complexes
  • Hotel resorts
  • Parks
  • Embassy grounds
  • Inner courtyards
  • Prisons
  • Forensic facilities

Variants of the HAVERKAMP over climbing detection system

Unobtrusive overclimb detection system

Visually, WallGARD® (compact) looks like an ordinary cover plate that protects wall or gate crowns from the weather. Technically, however, special damping switching elements are integrated that detect, evaluate and report weight loads.

Climb-over detection for bar fencing

RailGARD®is a particularly slim solution and can be used on bar fences or as a supplement to the WaveGARD® or GlasGARD systems. RailGARD® detects pressure loads that can be set up completely individually per detection line according to customer requirements.

Product sheet
Product sheet
Product sheet


The systems are versatile. In particular, they can be used for commercial property perimeters, critical infrastructure monitoring, warehouses, office complexes, embassies or correctional and forensic facilities.

Depending on the climb-over detection system, fibre optic cables or special damping switching elements are installed underneath the cover that is installed on the fence. All HAVERKAMP climb-over detection systems detect the weight loads and evaluate them automatically. When the systems are installed, the parameters of the overload are set precisely according to the customer's requirements. HAVERKAMP overfall detection systems are adjusted so that both animals and snow loads do not trigger an alarm.

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