Ein Mann in Anzug steigt in ein Auto.

HAVERKAMP Ceramic Tinting Films

Especially heat repellent
Nano ceramic coating
Signal neutral - no reception interference

Ceramic enhanced tinting films: HAVERKAMP Ceramic Bond

The high-quality HAVERKAMP ceramic films are true all-rounders: they offer reliable heat and UV protection as well as outstanding infrared shielding. Despite the high shielding values, the films are signal-neutral due to their high-quality nano ceramic coating and therefore do not interfere with the reception of cell phones, navigation and other electronic devices in the vehicle.

HAVERKAMP Ceramic Bond automotive films are the ideal retrofit solution for modern and high quality vehicles.

Ein Mann telefoniert auf der Rückbank eines Autos. Ein Mann telefoniert auf der Rückbank eines Autos.

High-performance car sun protection films from HAVERKAMP guarantee not only effective heat and glare protection but also interference-free signal connection

HAVERKAMP Autofolie Ceramic Bond at a glance


  • strongly heat repellent
  • high quality nano ceramic coating
  • infrared shielding
  • UV absorbing
  • Signal neutral (no reception interference of mobile devices)
  • Available in various tints
  • ideal retrofit solution
  • design oriented car glass refinement


strong heat protection

Signal neutral

Nano ceramic coated

UV absorbing

The high-quality ceramic films from HAVERKAMP

The tinting of vehicle windows with high-quality nano-ceramic coated films offers versatile advantages for the feel-good factor in the rear of the vehicle. On the one hand, depending on the degree of tinting, the automotive films offer ideal privacy protection against unwanted glances into the vehicle interior. On the other hand, the dark films provide the occupants with glare protection against unpleasant sunlight. Especially when parking for hours in the blazing sun, the high-quality films protect against heating of the interior and thus ensure a pleasant indoor climate even in the summer months. The tinting spectrum is broad and ranges from dark to almost transparent.

Material properties of the premium car film

Ceramic Bond automotive films have very good shrink properties and exhibit optimum adhesion - even in screen printing. The color fastness is retained even after many years.

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HAVERKAMP Autofolien
Product sheet
HAVERKAMP Ceramic films Ceramic Bond

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The special feature of these tinting films is the high-quality nano-ceramic coating. Unlike metallized tinting films, ceramic-treated films are signal-neutral and therefore do not cause any reception interference, for example for rear window antennas. In addition, no signals from keyless go, cell phone or navigation reception are impaired by the film coating.

HAVERKAMP Ceramic Bond is available from dark to transparent. The color fastness is maintained even after many years.
The nano ceramic window tinting is available in the visible light range with a transparency of 5% - 80%. Even in the high transparency ranges, this high-quality film offers good heat and sun protection due to the nano coating.

HAVERKAMP automotive films are always mounted from the inside. This is the only way to ensure optimal adhesion and durability of the films.

Yes, all HAVERKAMP tinting films are also available in our online store. In addition to the film material, there is a wide range of mounting materials to facilitate the installation and improve the result.

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