Laminiertes Glas.

HAVERKAMP Interlayer films

Films for glass laminates

Giving glass the desired properties already during production

Laminating interlayer for glass production

Whether subsequently coated with adhesive films or as an interlayer film in the glass manufacturing process - HAVERKAMP films optimise glasses of all kinds. HAVERKAMP interlayer films have been specially developed to give laminated glass the desired properties and functions directly in the manufacturing process.

This opens up almost unlimited possibilities for glass construction, from sun, UV, glare, bird and burglary protection properties to switchable glass!

Exemplary structure of HAVERKAMP interlayer film in glass laminate

Ein Stapel Folie.

HAVERKAMP interlayer films can be laminated from all PROFILON® and flat glass films. Already during glass production, you can rely on the innovative properties that can be given to glass today. HAVERKAMP offers, among others, the high-quality product HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® as an interlayer film, which turns every laminated glass into a SmartGlass. 
The films for the glass manufacturing process are PVB, EVA, SGP and TPU laminable.

Are you a glass manufacturer looking for a unique selling proposition on the market?
Upgrade your glass production by giving your product the desired optical and physical properties with interlayer films!