HAVERKAMP digital fence detection system

High localisation accuracy
Simple & inexpensive retrofitting

HAVERKAMP MicroGARD® pro turns a fence into a monitoring detection system

Simple and cost-efficient installation - digital fence monitoring system for retrofitting


The HAVERKAMP MicroGARD® pro digital fence detection system turns any perimeter fence into a highly flexible and effective security fence. In contrast to analogue technologies, the system has a lower false alarm rate and, thanks to integrated sensors, reports breaches of the fence mats extremely precisely. The detection sensors used can also be individually adapted to your existing fence system, so factors such as weather conditions and the stability of the fence are taken into account when calibrating the monitoring system.

HAVERKAMP digital fence detection system at a glance


  • Digital detection system for retrofitting perimeter fences such wire fences, welded or woven wire fences,  expanded metal fences and fencing panels.
  • Easy and cost-efficient to retrofit
  • Suitable for all fence lengths
  • Arbitrarily expandable
  • Effortless laying of the evaluation cables
  • Low planning and installation effort
  • High effectiveness
  • Low false alarm rate due to digital sensor technology
  • A report, accurate to within a few metres, of vibrations that occur when a fence structure is cut, prised open, dismantled or climbed over.


Retrofittable evaluation technology

Flawless fence monitoring

Compatible with video surveillance systems

Low planning and installation effort

Fields of application

  • Critical infrastructures
  • Energy provider
  • Company premises
  • Railway sites
  • Industrial plants
  • Country houses / villas
  • Embassy grounds / Government quarter
  • Retrofitting of: welded or woven wire mesh, perimeter fences in general, fencing panels and expanded metal fences
HAVERKAMP digital detection system
Product sheet
HAVERKAMP digital detection system


These product from HAVERKAMP consists of a digital sensor cable and a hardware component. The latter is attached to the inside of the fence. No complex laying of data or power cables is required for the installation. Thanks to the technology, the HAVERKAMP MircoGARD® pro digital fence detection system detects vibrations that occur when the fence is cut, prised open, dismantled or climbed over. It reports these with an accuracy of a few metres, even at a length of around three kilometres.

Yes, the retrofittable digital fence detection can be easily connected to existing video surveillance systems or camera and management systems for monitoring properties.

The HAVERKAMP digital fence detection system can be used on any perimeter fencing like, welded wire mesh, woven wire mesh, fencing panels and expanded metal fence. Areas of application are therefore almost endless. HAVERKAMP installs MircoGARD® pro mainly on company premises, industrial plants and in government districts.

Nowadays, simple perimeter security is no longer sufficient to ensure early building and property protection. Due to constant technological development, almost pinpoint detection of cutting, levering, dismantling or climbing over a fence structure is possible. The alarm is triggered and translated in seconds thanks to the electromagnetic field inside the sensor cable. HAVERKAMP MicroGARD® pro is an ideal retrofit solution for existing fence systems and can be connected to other monitoring systems.

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