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HAVERKAMP Privacy window films

Privacy, spy protection or decoration
Suitable for all flat glass surfaces
Cheaper than glass replacement

Create privacy with HAVERKAMP privacy window films

Protection from unwanted glances

Office buildings with large window fronts are modern and visually appealing, but offer little privacy. If it is possible to look unhindered through windows into the interior, most people have an unpleasant feeling of being under observation. This has a negative effect on work performance. HAVERKAMP privacy window films offer permanent privacy protection, which is nevertheless translucent.
Simple retrofit solution with our HAVERKAMP privacy window films. Benefit from our product range - from highly translucent to blackout films.

Blick durch eine Glasscheibe in einen Meetingraum. Die Fensterschieben eines Meetingraumes sind mit milchiger Sichtschutzfolie beklebt.

Slider: meeting room without / with privacy window film

HAVERKAMP privacy window films at a glance


  • optimal opaque privacy screen

  • self-adhesive film

  • Can be retrofitted easily, quickly and cost-effectively on all planned glass types

  • On request with integrated shatter protection to prevent injuries in case of glass breakage (EN 12600)

  • disinfectable surfaces

  • Optional full or partial surface mounting - for plenty of design freedom

  • To be mounted without construction measures or glass replacement

  • UV inhibiting

  • easy, residue-free removal

  • Upgrading glass surfaces

  • Transformation of a glass into functional glass


Full privacy screen

High light transmission

Different color variants

Create privacy

Modern glass enhancement

Areas of application

  • Exhibition stand construction
  • Glass partitions and doors
  • Meeting rooms
  • Offices
  • Laboratories
  • medical areas (doctors' offices, hospitals)
  • Storage rooms
  • Private areas
  • Production areas
  • Showrooms
  • Staircases
  • Retail stores


Variants of HAVERKAMP privacy window films

Sichtschutzfolie in der Variante weiß. White matte Sichtschutzfolie in der Variante silber. Silver matte Sichtschutzfolie in der Variante silber/schwarz. Silver black opaque Sichtschutzfolie in der Variante schwarz. Black opaque

Privacy and anti-glare properties

With the wide selection of opaque privacy window films at HAVERKAMP, we offer the perfect retrofit solution to your problem. We have several options in our film program to protect your privacy. Please feel free to take a look at our variants.
Are you looking for a privacy film with a heat protection effect? Choose a spy mirror film!
Films with a trick mirror effect (silver reflecting mirror films) offer heat protection, glare protection and UV protection depending on the light conditions and the intensity of the mirror film. The HAVERKAMP film solution provides a pleasant indoor climate on hot summer days. She protects the interior from premature fading all year round and offers good privacy and glare protection. In contrast to classic privacy window films, we recommend full-surface installation over the entire glass surface here.


Brightness yes, transparency no - with opaque HAVERKAMP privacy window films

Brightness is often desired, but not complete transparency!


Sanitary rooms and glass surfaces in medical areas require permanent privacy protection that should nevertheless remain translucent. In this case, our customers often turn to the HAVERKAMP frosted glass film in white matt. This window film with privacy protection has a frosted glass look with high light transmission, which means that the rooms are not darkened. Objects and people are visible behind the adhesive film coated window with increasing distance fainter and fainter

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  • Cut to size service
  • wide range
Technical data sheet
HAVERKAMP flat glass films
Product sheet
HAVERKAMP privacy window films


It is not only at one's own workplace that one wants to maintain reliable privacy protection in order to be able to work in a concentrated manner. Meeting rooms and conference rooms with glass elements also require a high level of privacy. Participants in a conversation can easily be seen from the outside and feel observed. Gestures and facial expressions of the conversation partners and presentations, often with sensitive data, can easily be read, which is always undesirable.

Flat glass filmswith an integrated privacy screen, so-called privacy window films, are suitable for any flat glass surfaces that require privacy protection. Be it in the office, meeting room, bathroom, doctor's office or for your own front door. The areas of application are so diverse, because almost everywhere where glass surfaces exist, a full-area and partial-area privacy protection is necessary. Not only unpleasant views through a window or door can disturb, our privacy window films are also used where presentations are held or data and information can be read from screens.

Cleaning a window coated with privacy window film is very simple and straightforward. Pollen dust, deposits, lime and grease stains are pre-cleaned with commercially available, but not aggressive cleaners, and a cloth and rinsed with water and removed. Done! Mild soapy water or glass cleaner is particularly suitable. Unsuitable cleaning agents include alcohol or methylated spirits and scouring brushes or sponges.

Privacy window films, frosted glass films or decorative films can be easily and quickly installed like all other glass films.

HAVERKAMP always offers installation workshops at its own factory for the installation of window films. If you feel unsure about the upcoming installation or want to become a HAVERKAMP partner, we recommend our workshops.

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HAVERKAMP privacy window film has an adhesive side on the back which is covered with a protective film to protect the self-adhesive film side. This must be removed before the so-called wet coating and sprayed with mounting concentrate in the specified mixing ratio. This activates the adhesive power and the film bonds with the glass or a mirror. This ensures a very long adhesion of the film. We also give a convincing warranty of up to 12 years for this. Every film from HAVERKAMP can be removed without leaving any residue and is therefore also suitable for installation in rental properties.

HAVERKAMP privacy window films can be removed without leaving any residues due to the nature of the special adhesive. If the privacy window film has been laid under the glass retaining strips or sealed with silicone, this must first be removed. Then loosen one corner of the film and pull the privacy window film flat and carefully from the glass pane. A little trick is to heat the film with a hair dryer beforehand so that the adhesive becomes more flexible. Complete instructions on how to remove window film can be found here.

High quality privacy window film can be obtained only in specialized shops. HAVERKAMP films can be ordered for B2B customers by phone or mail from 5 running meters. Private customers have the possibility to order 24/7 via our online store FilmPal. B2B customers can ask for business conditions via our hotline and then also order conveniently in our online store.

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