Nahaufnahme eines hölzernen Sicherheitsfensters.

HAKAGARD® security windows and doors

Made to measure
Resistant glass construction

HAVERKAMP HAKAGARD® security windows and doors: self-developed lightweight glasses

Resistant glass constructions with a clear view

HAVERKAMP HAKAGARD® security windows and doors offer ideal protection for rooms and entrance areas in various resistance classes. They can be used variably due to their visual and security versatility. For example, entire window constructions can be built into a timber or timber-aluminium frame.

HAKAGARD® security windows and doors at a glance


  • burglar-resistant glasses
  • Bullet-resistant glass according to DIN EN 1063 up to resistance class BR7-NS
  • Lightweight glasses
  • highly transparent, without green tint
  • in wood or wood-aluminium version
  • Security windows and doors of resistance class RC3
  • visually simple and adaptable


Functional safety glasses

Burglar resistance

Bullet resistance

Fields of application

  • Homes with a high need for protection
  • Hotel rooms with high security requirements
  • Military facilities and administrations
  • Embassies and government buildings


Variants of HAKAGARD® security windows and doors

Nahaufnahme eines gekippten hölzernen Sicherheitsfensters. HAKAGARD® wooden security windows Ein Sicherheitsfenster mit dunkelgrauem Rahmen. HAKAGARD® Wood-Aluminium Windows Eine Sicherheitstür mit weißem Rahmen. HAKAGARD® security doors Nahaufnahme eines durchschusshemmenden Schiebefensters. Attachment, sliding and mobile elements

Glazing of the highest resistance classes

All HAVERKAMP HAKAGARD® security windows and doors are united by the use of highly resistant glass. Each window and door design can be produced up to resistance class BR7-NS according to DIN EN 1063, which allows the choice between burglar-resistant and bullet-resistant glass. In addition to the glass, the frame for bullet-resistant mobile elements and security doors can also be made up to a bullet-resistant resistance class.

High quality appearance

These HAVERKAMP products are not only convincing due to their high safety standards, but also due to their visually simple lightness, which can be adapted to almost any architectural environment. The transparency of the glass is also visually appealing, as it does not cause a green tint, which is common with security glass. On the one hand, this ensures a better view and, on the other hand, the high security class is hardly noticeable to outsiders.

Product sheet
HAKAGARD® wood-aluminium windows
Product sheet
HAKAGARD® wooden security windows

INFO ON HAKAGARD® security windows and doors

The increased resistance class of HAKAGARD® security windows and doors is hardly noticeable to burglars and outsiders. In terms of burglary protection, intruders are often taken by surprise by the additional barriers in the window and door area, which means that burglary attempts can be extremely slowed down and in many cases even prevented.

HAVERKAMP security windows and doors of resistance class RC3 are certified by the recognised PfB (Prüfzentrum für Bauelemente KG) in Rosenheim.

Burglar-resistant glass is available up to RC 4 according to DIN EN 1627-1630 or up to P8B according to DIN EN 356. Bullet-resistant glass is available up to FB 6 according to DIN EN 1522 and up to BR6-NS according to DIN EN 1063.

A pure wooden frame can be installed, as well as an aluminium-wood combination.

Yes, an active alarm can be connected to intrusion alarm systems without further ado.

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