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HAVERKAMP window UV protection films

Fade protection
Visually inconspicuous

UV protection films: window uv protection films for protection against aggressive UV radiation

Transparent and effective UV protection

UV rays are not visible to the eye, precisely because the rays are not detected by the human eye, they are often underestimated. This usually leads to fatal consequences. HAVERKAMP window uv protection films are clear, retrofittable window films that filter 99.5% of harmful UV rays. This protects health as well as valuable exhibits, merchandise and interiors. The use of the protective film results in a bleaching protection factor of 3-4. Thanks to our unique machinery, the flat glass film can also be combined with other products, such as sun protection films or shatter protection.

Ein Schaufenster mit vier Mannequins. Ein Schaufenster mit vier Mannequins.

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HAVERKAMP window uv protection films at a glance


  • Clear film for retrofitting or in the manufacturing process of the glass

  • Filters 99.5% of all harmful UV radiation

  • Fade protection of the interior and exhibits

  • For use on entire window fronts

  • Maintenance-free and removable without residue

  • Can be combined with the properties of heat and shatter protection films

  • Fade protection of the interior and exhibits



Fade protection


Quick installation

Variants of HAVERKAMP window uv protection films

Standard UV protection Eine Person in einem Büro schaut aus dem großen Fenster. Im Hintergrund sind weitere Hochhäuser. UV protection with heat protection properties Nahaufnahme eines gesprungenen Fensters. Die Glasscherben werden durch Splitterschutzfolie zusammengehalten. UV protection with shatterproof properties

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HAVERKAMP window uv protection films: No passage for harmful UV rays of the sun

The window uv protection films are transparent glass films that absorb over 99.5% of aggressive UV-A and UV-B rays. Due to its nature, the inconspicuous window film is particularly suitable for department stores, shop windows and museums, but also for office areas. If necessary, it can be easily removed again.


Technical data sheet
HAVERKAMP Flat glass films


The protective film incorporates special UV blockers that filter UVA and UVB rays. The window film thus takes away the aggressiveness of the sun's rays. Even insulating glass alone cannot filter UV rays.

HAVERKAMP window uv protection films can be easily and inexpensively installed on existing glass surfaces. These flat glass window films are usually transparent and very inconspicuous, so that the view through is not restricted at all. It is important that the selected glass surface is cleaned before installation.

Upon customer request, HAVERKAMP window uv protection films can also be provided in various tints, combined with heat protection properties or privacy protection.

The transparent films can be mounted on all flat glass surfaces. As the self-adhesive protective film protects against up to 99.5% of harmful UV rays, it is especially suitable for shop windows and large glass panes or premises with sensitive interiors.

Due to the special adhesive, the window uv protection films can be removed without much effort if necessary.

All HAVERKAMP films have a scratch-resistant surface. This means that the window uv protection films can be cleaned with all conventional cleaning agents.

There is no general answer to this question, because the effect of the radiation depends on the non-visible wavelengths. The UV particles contained in the sun's rays cannot be seen by the human eye and are present even when the sun is not shining. UV films are used to apply a protective factor to the glasses and reduce the transmitted UV radiation to a maximum. To effectively protect exhibits and, for example, textiles from fading, it is advisable to apply the fade protection film to existing glass and windows.

The simple nature of the UV film makes installation relatively easy. Of course, there are some important factors to consider. Do you have questions about the installation? - Our team will be happy to advise you. Did you already know? We also offer seminars on film processing!

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The appearance of the building is not changed by the use of HAVERKAMP window uv protection films, which is why even listed buildings can be retrofitted with the self-adhesive UV protection film without hesitation. The film is easy to install without having to remove the glass. If necessary, the film for panes can be removed without leaving any residue. Due to a surface that is easy to clean and insensitive to scratches, this flat glass film is particularly suitable for UV protection for shop windows.

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