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Window films are self-adhesive films for retrofitting windows, glass doors and smooth glass of all types. Each window film can be installed to retrofit glass with complementary functions that were not foreseen before installation: due to changes in building use, changed requirements, planning that was not taken into account, or the desire for a new design.
That's why we call ourselves #glassoptimizer, because we can optimize a glass in terms of what the customer wants.Window films with a wide range of properties are also available as interlayer films to add further functions to the glass in the glass manufacturing process. Window films are available in transparent, tinted, opaque and mirrored versions.

This is how a glass becomes a multifunctional glass!

Whether as a retrofit solution or directly in the glass manufacturing process: HAVERKAMP offers numerous film solutions
To meet changing requirements, you do not have to replace existing glass at great expense. Retrofitting saves CO2, energy and costs. Window films allow new properties to be added to the glass quickly, easily and effectively. 

Laminating film directly in the glass during the manufacturing process? This is possible with  HAVERKAMP interlayer films!!

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With our own software, the HAVERKAMP e-Calculator, we calculate the perfect film-glass combination for every building according to German standards for more energy efficiency. 

It's as simple as this:  Specify glass type -> let us calculate film-glass efficiency -> find the perfect film -> save energy!

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A self-adhesive window film has an adhesive layer on one side, which is protected by a protective film. This protective film must be removed before installation. The advantage is a reliable adhesion of films and the glass surfaces.

No, this is not possible. A quality self-adhesive film is designed to add more properties to the glass over many years. However, if the film is no longer desired, it can be removed without leaving any residue. For this reason, these films are also suitable for rental properties.

In most cases, the protective film of the adhesive was not removed before mounting. The adhesive of the film is activated by the mounting concentrate and bonds with the glass pane. If the protective film was not removed, the mounting concentrate diffuses after some time and the film comes off.

Self-adhesive films provide very good adhesion to the glass and, with qualitative films, stand for long durability. These films are a good way to optimize a glass in terms of desired properties and a cheaper solution than glass replacement.

There is no general answer to this question. If you want to apply a film on the outside, it should be an outdoor film. These films have a special coating, which protects the film from the weather. Then an exterior film can be installed without hesitation. For example, a bird protection film is always an outer film, so that the pattern of the film can be easily recognized by birds. If you prefer an inner film, you should pay attention to the existing glazing, especially in the case of sun protection films (due to thermals), otherwise cracks in the glass may occur. If you want to be sure what we recommend, get advice or pay attention to the technical values of a film. There you will find the suitable types of glass.

There are many different variants of privacy films. A mirror film has a privacy protection through a trick mirror effect that works depending on the light conditions. If it is brighter outside, you have a privacy screen inside the room. If it is brighter in the room than outside, you can see into the room. So-called blackout films or opaque films do not allow unwanted views as well as light through and darken a room.

There are also frosted glass films that are very translucent and provide reliable, permanent privacy. New are the intelligent films like switchable films. Visually, this film looks like a frosted frosted film. However, this privacy film can be switched electrically and becomes clear or frosted glass look at the touch of a button.

The possible applications are as diverse as the possibilities. With the processing of glass films, a wide variety of functions can be subsequently achieved: sun protection, heat protection, glare protection, UV protection, privacy protection, splinter protection, surface protection, protection against vandalism or the desire for redesign and decoration. In principle, any flat and therefore non-structured glass can be coated. From offices, to laboratories, to hospitals, to glass doors, to windows, to glass partitions - everything is possible. Special films can also be applied in the bathroom and even on glasses of a shower cabin.

Whether as a retrofit solution or as an interlayer film, one thing is certain; the glass films make it possible to add properties to a window or glass. Be it shatter protection to reduce the risk of injury, for example, to give the glass more stability through safety films, heat protection through sun protection films, UV protection films to protect people from harmful UV rays or to protect goods from premature fading. Decorative films can be used to add accents and a different design to the glass. These films are available in various decorative designs. Glare protection for workplaces, for example, can also be achieved with a film for windows or doors. A view protection by privacy films, starting from the classic frosted glass film to mirror films to intelligent, switchable films - protect your privacy.

Animal protectionists can also find suitable film solutions. Effective bird protection films in various designs allow birds to see a glass and stop bird strike. Another advantage is that the window films can be removed without leaving any residues and are maintenance-free. Mirror films provide not only very good heat protection, but also protection from unwanted glances due to the trick mirror effect. The mirror effect is not desired? Our adhesive films also include almost invisible sun protection films.

Thermal films are an effective solution to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. They help to reduce the heat in a room in summer by reflecting the sun's rays on the glass outside. By using transparent thermal films or low-E films, heat can be kept inside the building in winter and heating costs can be reduced. Loss through windows and doors is minimized.

Self-adhesive window films can be applied by yourself with manual skills. There are various videos on the Internet that explain how to install window films. You should have the appropriate installation tool for window films at hand for the installation. These are usually a cutter knife for a precise cut, a sturdy squeegee, installation concentrate and glass cleaner as well as appropriate cleaning cloths and squeegees. If the surface is very dirty, we recommend cleaning with a glass scraper. It is always important that the smooth glass surfaces are perfectly cleaned. If there are still particles on the glass, unsightly inclusions will occur during installation. If you install the window film under a glass retainer bar, it must be removed beforehand and reinserted after installation. If such a strip is not available, we recommend edge bonding with special silicone.