How to prevent bird strikes with window films

HAVERKAMP birdsafe® Bird protection films

Biodiversity protection
Effectiv preventing bird strike
Modern and individual designs

Making window panes visible for birds with bird protection films - HAVERKAMP birdsafe® ranks #1

Every year, it is estimated that worldwide over one billion birds die on window fronts and facades

HAVERKAMP birdsafe® pattern printed bird protection films make the glass visible to birds, thus bird strike is proven to be prevented up to 97% - immediate highly effective protection!
The specially developed film patterns have been tested in the flight tunnel with up to 90 test flights and have been proven to offer the most effective bird protection of a total of 47 tested products.

Death bird because of glass collosion Living bird before a glass fassade with a bird deterrent for windows

Glass facade without / with birdsafe® bird protection film

HAVERKAMP birdsafe® bird protection films at a glance


  • Reduces bird strikes by up to 97%
  • For the protection of biodiversity
  • Direct effect
  • Color-neutral, regardless of the time of day
  • Translucent for continued plenty of daylight in the room
  • Simple retrofitting, without much effort
  • Recommended by leading bird conservation organizations
  • Individual pattern designs possible
  • With integrated shatter protection: reduces the risk of injury in the event of glass breakage


Bird protection from the manufacturer

Mode of action confirmed with flight tunnel test

Optionally with heat protection

Customized designs possible

Effective for species conservation

Areas of application

  • reflective window fronts and glass surfaces
  • Glass facades
  • Glass surfaces on office buildings and high-rise buildings
  • Noise barriers
  • Bus and other glass shelters, waiting rooms
  • Patio doors
  • Conservatories


Bird deterrent for windows: Product test in the flight tunnel

HAVERKAMP bird protection film ranks#1

The HAVERKAMP birdsafe film black / black, was successfully tested for effectiveness by the Hohenau-Ringelsdorf Biological Station. The result speaks for itself: HAVERKAMP birdsafe® offers the best bird protection of all bird protection products tested so far.
In a total of 90 test flights, each with 90 birds of different species, 97% of the birds were able to recognize and fly around the test pane coated with HAVERKAMP birdsafe® film in time - this is by far the best value.

Supporting bird and species protection by making glazing visible to birds!


Variants of birdsafe® bird protection films

transparente Vogelschutzfolie mit Punktraster Transparent with black/black dot grid Vogelschutzfolie birdsafe mit schwarzem Rautenraster. transparent with diamond pattern Vogelschutzfolie birdsafe mit schwarz/orangem Rautenraster. Transparent with diamond pattern Vogelschutzfolie birdsafe mit Balkenmuster. Transparent with bar pattern and sun protection Vogelschutzfolie birdsafe mit Balkenmuster aus Buchstaben und Zahlen. Individual design

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Technical data sheet
HAVERKAMP Technical data sheet
Product sheet
HAVERKAMP birdsafe® Bird protection film


Glass surfaces pose a danger to all bird species, as birds cannot perceive them as an obstacle. A specially developed pattern is incorporated into the color-neutral bird protection films of the birdsafe® series, which make the glass visible to the animals - thus reducing bird strikes by up to 97%. This pattern was developed in close cooperation with nature conservation associations.The film is applied to the outside of the facade or window.
In addition, the film has splinter-binding properties. The HAVERKAMP bird protection films of the birdsafe® series make the glass visible even for the smallest bird in Germany - the winter goldcrest.

As a flat glass film HAVERKAMP birdsafe® bird protection film can be installed and retrofitted on all flat glass surfaces and types. The film is applied to the outside of the facade or window.

Glass panes and windows must be clearly marked as an obstacle for the birds, as glazing pose a danger.
Bird protection films with visibly printed markings (e.g. black/orange) are particularly suitable to make the obstacle "glass" recognizable to the approaching animals.

It is estimated that 240,000 birds die every day on glass fronts and panes in Europe.
With the retrofittable bird protection films from HAVERKAMP you make a contribution to bird protection! Offer your customers a qualitative retrofit solution!

First of all, one should contact the building owner, the property management or the person in charge, and report the danger. If, as a result, no protective measures are taken, one can additionally turn to nature conservation authorities, which can press for bird protection measures within the framework of the Federal Nature Conservation Act.

The transparent glass windows are not recognized by birds as an obstacle, because the birds can perceive only the landscape behind the glass surfaces.
Especially dangerous are reflections of trees or landscapes in the glass surfaces, which create the illusion of a free flight space for birds.

Bird protection stickers, for example in the look of a bird of prey, do not elicit a flight response from the approaching animals.
On the one hand, the bird stickers are too far away to be noticed by the birds. Secondly, the myth that bird of prey stickers are identified as predators has been disproved; on the contrary, it has been found that most bird strikes occur immediately adjacent to the stickers.
While these measures are well-meaning, they do not save animal lives.

According to the prohibition of killing in accordance with § 44 of the Federal Nature Conservation Act, this also includes actions whereby the death of birds through glass is accepted.
By means of a risk assessment by the responsible nature conservation authorities, the risk of bird strike can be estimated under consideration of various factors, such as bird presence, transparency or mirror effect. As a result, avoidance measures can be ordered for existing buildings or changes can be made to building plans.

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