Ein vandaliertes Fenster und eine graue Hauswand.

Anti vandalism and graffiti films

Protection against graffiti and scratching
Fast retrofit solution

Protects glazing and save costs for damage repair!

Stop graffiti smeared or scratched shop windows

In big cities, the view is often characterized by graffiti lettering, daubings and scratchings. HAVERKAMP Anti vandalism and graffiti films take the fun out of sprayers, as the graffiti spray runs strongly on the special surface material of the film and can be removed more easily afterwards. When used as a sacrificial film, glazing of public transportation, bus shelters, display cases, etc. are protected from scratching by the film material. The film solution from HAVERKAMP saves time and costs for the removal of defacements. It provides lasting protection for your company's assets and reputation. Anti vandalism and graffiti films are available for glass surfaces and for PMMA and PC surfaces (acrylic and polycarbonate).

Ein Schaufenster mit 6 Mannequins in unterschiedlicher Kleidung. Die Fensterscheibe ist mit Graffiti beschmiert. Ein Schaufenster mit 6 Mannequins in unterschiedlicher Kleidung.

Slider: defaced glass / glass after removing the film

HAVERKAMP Anti vandalism and graffiti films at a glance


  • Scratch insensitive surface

  • Protection of glazing from scratching and spray attacks

  • Usable for glass and polycarbonate substrates

  • Reduces the costs significantly for removing property damage compared to glass replacement

  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use

  • Approval for rail transport

  • Special adhesive, which facilitates disassembly

  • Easily detachable - easy to clean

  • UV protection

  • Nano coated surface

  • High light transmission

  • Inexpensive film replacement, instead of cost-intensive glass replacement


Save costs for damage repair

Nano coated for easy cleaning

PMMA and PC surface suitable

Also approved for train and bus windows

Areas of application

  • Public transport
  • Train glazing
  • Shop windows
  • Railroad stops
  • Bus stops
  • Showcases
  • Window fronts
  • Special applications, such as protective visors or shields


Variants of HAVERKAMP Anti vandal and graffiti films

Nahaufnahme eines vandalierten Fensters. For glass surfaces Die mit Graffiti vandalierte Fensterscheibe einer Bushaltestelle. For plastic surfaces

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Technical data sheet
HAVERKAMP Flat glass films
Product sheet
HAVERKAMP Anti vandal and graffiti films


These films do not prevent direct vandalism attacks, but they protect against costly damage to the surfaces. If glass or plastic surfaces are defaced with an applied Anti vandal and graffiti film, the sacrificial film can be easily removed and the damage caused is limited only to the film material.
The clear protective films provide lasting protection for glass and plastic substrates. The easily removable special adhesive allows the films to be replaced quickly and easily - the nano-coating makes cleaning easy.
After scratching and spray attacks, the films can be removed from the surfaces and replaced without leaving any residue. The glazing is like new again.

Due to their clear transparency and flat glass connection, the films are not recognizable as glass protection.

The flat glass films are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. Anti vandalism and graffiti films can be used in a wide range of applications, such as public buildings and shop windows, as well as public transport glazing.

No. Anti vandalism and graffiti films are clear and therefore do not interfere with the entry of daylight.

Of course, it is possible to use surveillance systems to monitor glazing or PC surfaces in public and thus record graffiti sprayers. However, these are usually not identifiable due to masking, and these measures do not protect against damage caused by graffiti or scratches. 

Everyone knows it - you're sitting on the bus or train, want to enjoy the scenery from the window, but are disturbed by the many scratches in the glass. Unfortunately, glass surfaces of public transportation are repeatedly scratched by vandalism attacks or sprayed with graffiti. For bus and train operators, this constantly ongoing vandalism represents immense costs. After all, replacing the glazing or the polycarbonate substrate after each defacement is hardly feasible from a cost perspective. In order to save costs for the operator on the one hand and to provide the passenger with a more pleasant travel experience on the other, HAVERKAMP has developed an anti-vandalism film that can subsequently protect glazing and plastic superstructures against scratch and graffiti attacks.

Scratch and spray attacks are now commonplace in public transport or facilities, especially those close to cities. It becomes particularly expensive for owners when glazing is defaced, as replacing glass or polycarbonate surfaces is costly and time-consuming. In order to protect against these costs, an anti-graffiti film with anti-scratch properties can be subsequently applied to the glass elements of endangered objects. If the glazing with installed anti-scratch film with graffiti protection is sprayed or scratched, the damage can be quickly and easily removed by peeling off the film.

With coatings from HAVERKAMP Anti-Vandalism Films, graffiti removal will no longer be a problem for you in the future. Instead of replacing complete glazings in case of defacement, graffiti or scratch removal can be done by peeling off the protective film. The film leaves no adhesive residue on the glass surface and can be replaced as often as you like.

The HAVERKAMP anti-vandalism films are suitable for glass surfaces, as well as in the form of a second variant for plastic surfaces such as PC or PMMA.

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