Die Glaswand eines Besprechungsraums. Die Scheibe ist mit Dekofolie versehen, die weiße Quadrate zeigt.

HAVERKAMP Decoration films

Subsequent design oriented glass decoration
Combination of privacy screen, decoration and advertising space

Set accents with HAVERKAMP decorative and design films

Beautify rooms with films and create creative privacy screens

The decorative films can be produced individually as rolls with high-quality motifs, giving companies the opportunity to display three optical properties with one film: Decoration, visual protection and advertising.
And should there be new design ideas again? Then the adhesive dekorfilms can be removed and replaced without leaving any residue!

Die Glaswand eines Büros in einem Hochhaus. Im Hintergrund eine Stadt mit vielen weiteren Hochhäusern. Ein Fenster mit Dekofolie. Ihr Muster zeigt Quadrate in Milchglasoptik.

Slider: glass without / with decoration film

HAVERKAMP decoration window films at a glance


  • design accents through versatile motifs in living areas, sales rooms, sanitary areas and offices
  • Privacy element for more privacy
  • Design variety
  • discreet marking of glazed doors and passageways
  • individual design
  • On request with tested splinter protection to minimize the risk of injury
  • translucent and visible in gradations
  • Room divider element
  • patterned privacy screen
  • Convert glazing into individual advertising space


Customized design

Glass as advertising space

Can be combined with shatter protection properties

High light transmission

Areas of application

  • Exhibition stand construction
  • Sanitary areas
  • Glass partition walls
  • Glass doors
  • Passage doors
  • Meeting rooms
  • Offices
  • Laboratories


Variants of HAVERKAMP Decoration window film

Nahaufnahme eines Fensters mit Dekofolie. Ihr Muster zeigt weiße vertikalverlaufende Streifen. Design: stripe white Nahaufnahme eines Fensters mit Dekofolie. Ihr Muster zeigt weiße Quadrate. Design: squares white Nahaufnahme eines Fensters mit Dekofolie. Ihr Muster hat die Optik von Eis. Design: ice age Nahaufnahme eines Fensters mit Dekofolie. Ihr Muster zeigt Quadrate in Milchglasoptik. Individual design

Privacy screen at the push of a button?
Our Smart Film - the HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® - creates privacy or an open atmosphere with just one click.
Also available as dimmable variant or in segment circuits!


Buy your tinting film online?

For retailers and private customers.

As a trader, ask for B2B conditions.

  • fast shipping
  • Cut to size service
  • wide range
Technical data sheet
HAVERKAMP Flat glass films
Product sheet
HAVERKAMP Decoration window films


The films come in a variety of patterns, so there are films to fit almost any room concept. The decors range from squares to stripes to full-surface patterns. The creation of customized designs for printing the decoration window films is also possible on request.

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