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HAVERKAMP ground detection

Invisible monitoring through ground detection
Alarm triggering in case of human entry
Retrofittable detection mats

HAVERKAMP StepGARD®: Reliable floor detection

Invisible terrain monitoring through ground detection

The HAVERKAMP StepGARD® floor detection system is a sensor system that uses sensitive sensors to enable virtually error-free footfall monitoring of open spaces and properties. Thanks to the developed fibre optic sensor system, HAVERKAMP StepGARD® detection mats can also be used reliably under solid surfaces and sensitised to loads.The cable laid in the detetkion mats can be used under almost all indoor and outdoor floor surfaces and triggers an acoustic or silent alarm at an adjustable weight threshold. This pressure-sensitive security technology has a very low false alarm rate and is maintenance-free.

HAVERKAMP StepGARD® floor detection at a glance


  • Invisible theft sensor for outdoor installations
  • Suitable for almost all surfaces
  • Footstep detection by means of pressure-sensitive fibre optic sensor system from HAVERKAMP
  • Particularly suitable for area monitoring of commercial premises
  • Detection possible from a few kilograms up to several tonnes
  • Maintenance-free - very low false alarm rate
  • Connection systems with safety classification up to IP67
  • not detectable by metal detectors and magnetic field probes


Error-free ground detection

Retrofittable sensor mats

Invisible for metal detectors

Adjustable weight thresholds

Areas of application

  • Access roads / driveways
  • Entrance areas
  • Roofs / Flat roofs
  • Balconies
  • Escape gratings
  • Raw materials warehouse
  • Construction sites
  • Industrial site
  • Museums / galleries to protect exhibits


HAVERKAMP Floor Detection StepGARD®
Product sheet
HAVERKAMP Floor Detection StepGARD®


Thanks to its extreme sensitivity, the product can be used under almost all surfaces (except prestressed concrete). Indoors under floor coverings as well as outdoors under lawn, paving, soil, natural stone, wood, concrete slabs or gravel, HAVERKAMP StepGARD® works perfectly and reliably.

As the system dynamically adapts to the environment, the detection system also identifies slowly increasing loads, such as snow. In addition, HAVERKAMP StepGARD® allows individual settings of the load parameters, which in turn minimise the false alarm rate.

In addition to perimeter protection of properties and open spaces, ground detection can be a good addition to existing surveillance systems. Nowadays, security fences are equipped with the most modern security technology and yet, in exceptional cases, some intruders manage to overcome this protective barrier without being seen. For this scenario, among others, HAVERKAMP has developed the StepGARD® floor detection mats, which trigger an alarm by means of pressure sensors when people enter floor areas.

The system can be used wherever reliable area protection is required - for example, for area monitoring of logistics sites, industrial sites, roofs, container yards, raw material warehouses, perimeters or access roads.
As the optically invisible system is free of metals, it is not detected by metal detectors or magnetic field probes. This ensures that intruders entering the protected areas have no possibility of finding the underground ground detection at an early stage and bypassing or manipulating it.
With the retrofitting of HAVERKAMP StepGARD®, property owners are provided with a system for securing their grounds and outdoor areas which reliably detects unauthorised access attempts with the required accuracy.

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