Ein Kind malt an einer Staffelei. Dahinter ein zersprungenes Fenster, das dank Splitterschutzfolie keine Scherben fallen lässt.

HAVERKAMP shatterproof window film

Reduction of the risk of injury in the event of glass breakage
Splinter binding in case of pendulum impact from up to 1.90 meters height

Shatterproof window films to protect against injuries

Effectively minimizing the risk of injury in the event of glass breakage

HAVERKAMP shatterproof window films hold the glass together in case of breakage, glass splinters are bound by the flexible film. This shatter protection function is DIN tested (DIN EN 12600), which corresponds to many accident prevention regulations. Especially glazing in the immediate vicinity of playing children should not disintegrate into a thousand individual parts in the event of damage.
HAVERKAMP shatterproof window films prevent splintering and thus minimize the risk of injury! 

Demonstration des Zerbrechens von Glas ohne Splitterschutzfolie. Demonstration des Effekts von Splitterschutzfolie auf Floatglas. Die Scheibe ist gesprungen aber hält zusammen.

Glass breakage without shatter protection window film / Glass breakage with shatter protection window film

HAVERKAMP shatter protection window films at a glance


  • Preventing damage from broken glass
  • Minimizes the risk of injury from glass jumping
  • Thickness between 115µ and 230µ 

  • Complies with many accident prevention regulations

  • Inconspicuous color-neutral, can be combined with sun, heat and glare protection on request
  • With UV protection: reduces aggressive UV rays up to 99%
  • According DIN EN 12600
  • Scratch insensitive, durable
  • Suitable for windows, glass walls, high traffic public areas and production lines
  • Easy cleaning
  • Versions for indoor or outdoor use


According DIN EN 12600

Injury protection for people

Corresponds to many accident prevention regulations

Splinter binding in case of glass breakage

Areas of application

  • Public buildings
  • Kindergartens and schools
  • Production halls
  • Buildings with spandrel glazing
  • Private homes: Winter gardens, passage doors, stair balustrades.
  • Food producing industry (IFS standard)
  • glass partition


Variants of HAVERKAMP shatter protection window films

Die Glaswände eines Besprechungsraumes. Sie sind mit klarer Splitterschutzfolie versehen. Clear inside / outside Die Glaswand eines Besprechungsraumes, foliert mit Splitterschutzfolie in der Variante weiß. White matt interior

Versatile and necessary use

Shatter protection window films are especially in demand and necessary for private households or kindergartens. In these areas of life, accidents can happen quickly, for example, when children are running around and do not notice a freshly cleaned glass door until it is already too late. In this case, in order not to risk deeper injuries due to cuts from splinters, glazing around playing children in particular should ensure this safety. In the event of an impact with a shatter protection window film installed, minor injuries may occur, but not cuts that seriously endanger people. Shatter protection window films also have a useful application in industry, especially in the food industry. There, the glazing should be secured to such an extent that in the event of glass breakage, no splinters come into contact with the food or the production machinery.

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Technical data sheet
HAVERKAMP Flat glass film
Product sheet
HAVERKAMP Shatter protection window films


As flat glass films our shatter protection window films are particularly suitable for large glass surfaces and facades as well as for window surfaces in sensitive areas (such as in public buildings, in food production according to IFS standards, schools, kindergartens or for passage doors). But also for private households, the shatter protection window film offers optimal, retrofittable protection for surfaces of various kinds.

HAVERKAMP shatter protection window films can be easily removed or replaced without leaving any residue.

HAVERKAMP shatter protection window films can be easily cleaned with conventional light cleaning agents. The films are particularly scratch-resistant and have a long service life.

First of all, it should be clarified whether the film can be installed under the glass retaining bars, which will enable the optimal installation of the shatter protection window film. If this is not possible due to the window/glass construction, a silicone seam may have to be drawn between the film and the glazing bead.
For installation:
First clean the glass surface to be coated and spray it with installation concentrate.
Then remove the protective film from the shatter protection window film and place the adhesive side of the film on the glass surface. Spray the film on the outside with the mounting concentrate and now squeeze out the water between the film and the glass with the HAVERKAMP squeezer. If water bubbles are still visible under the film after squeezing, these can be smoothed out from the inside to the outside.
The installation of the shatter protection window film is much more cost- and time-saving than, for example, the subsequent installation of a safety window. Glazing can be retrofitted with shatter protection window film while the window is still installed, saving the enormous expense of window installation and removal. This advantage is also noticeable when the film has to be removed, as HAVERKAMP shatter protection window film can be removed from glazing in just a few steps without leaving any residue.

HAVERKAMP shatter protection window film can be used without any problems on flat glass surfaces of any kind, such as float glass, toughened safety glass (ESG) or insulating glass.
This applies to a wide variety of glazing from patio doors and shop windows to display cases or partition wall systems.

The window film with shatter protection holds the glass together in case of glass breakage, stabilizes the glass surfaces or facades and protects against flying shards in case of breakage. The high resistance of this shatter protection window film not only minimizes the risk of injury to people, but also prevents damage to property from sharp-edged pieces of glass.

In addition, this retrofit solution is extremely cost-saving:
The glass industry's alternative to shatter protection window film is safety glass, which, in contrast to the film solution, is characterized by high costs and complex installation. Shatter protection window films can be easily retrofitted to existing glazing without the time-consuming replacement of the entire glass element, as is the case with safety glass.

As a B2B customer, you can purchase our shatter protection window films directly from HAVERKAMP from an order quantity of 5 linear meters.
B2C customers can purchase our film solutions via our FilmPal online store. If you would like to become a dealer of our shatter protection window films and other film solutions, please contact us directly to make individual dealer agreements.


HAVERKAMP shatter protection window films are classified according to DIN EN 12600. This means that they are tested according to DIN standard and approved accordingly.

HAVERKAMP shatter protection window films are transparent as standard. The thickness is between 115µ and 230µ. A special plus of the flat glass film: The film filters up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays.
Upon customer request, the shatter protection window films can be produced in-house in combination with privacy properties, allowing individual customer requirements to be met.

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