Ein Splitterabfangsystem.

HAVERKAMP splinter interception systems

Prevention of flying glass
Stopping pressure waves

Safety in case of strong explosions - system holds the glass together in case of pressure waves

HAVERKAMP blast-resistant security systems

Extraordinary events require extraordinary measures: If certain buildings or people are at risk of attack, preventive action should be taken and the threat situation should not be underestimated. In the case of strong explosions or explosive attacks with extreme pressure waves, many protective devices reach their limits. With the help of various safety solutions, shattering of the glazing can be prevented, but glazing is completely torn out of the frame in the event of particularly strong shock waves and can thus become a life-threatening weapon.

HAVERKAMP splinter interception systems can be used precisely for this application.

HAVERKAMP StabaGARD Metal spirals

HAVERKAMP StabaGARD Slope behaviour

HAVERKAMP Splinter Interception Systems Overview


  • blast- and shatter-proof, - throw-through and shatter-proof
  • simple design
  • Protection against fire transition
  • Filter of glass splinters from pressure wave
  • Successfully tested by Fraunhofer Ernst-Mach Institute for High-Speed Dynamics and LKA Stuttgart
  • Consisting of steel brackets and wire ropes with tensioning device or as curtain with metal spirals
  • Catching device for complete glass panes and window frames that become detached in the event of extreme pressure waves.
  • Safe dissipation of forces up to 80 kN
  • Complementary solution to the blast-resistant safety film HAVERKAMP PROFILON® ER1


Splinter catcher

Explosion and pressure wave protection

Retrofittable personal protection


Areas of application

  • Public buildings
  • Justice building
  • Hotels
  • Police objects
  • Military facilities
  • religious meeting places
  • Window facades
  • Homes
  • Executive floors
  • Banks
  • Conference and meeting centres
  • Embassies and government buildings


Variants of HAVERKAMP splinter interception systems

How the HAVERKAMP Catcher System works

The HAVERKAMP Catcher System is a supplementary add-on solution for further increasing the pressure wave protection of buildings and people. This high-performance system - consisting of steel brackets and wire ropes with tensioning device - is tensioned horizontally in front of the windows several times, depending on the nature of the windows. In the event of a strong explosion, the Catcher System prevents the complete glass panes detached from the glass retaining bars or frames by the shock wave from flying through the room and endangering human lives. The ropes of the Catcher System are designed to catch panes of glass or complete windows before they reach the interior of the room. The wire ropes have an energy-absorbing effect and transfer the occurring forces via the brackets into the existing building structure.

Function of the HAVERKAMP StabaGARD safety curtain

By means of specially developed metal spirals, which act as a curtain, breaking glass splinters can be almost completely separated from the pressure wave and kept away. Although a high-quality safety film has already been mounted on the glass to prevent splinters from escaping, outdated window frames can create a safety gap. In this case, HAVERKAMP StabaGARD is the right safety supplement to protect people behind the glass from explosive devices.

Product sheet
HAVERKAMP Catcher System
Product sheet


The safety curtain can be installed in front of any window. It consists of specially developed metal spirals that pull apart when the blast wave hits. This attenuates the blast energy. Glass splinters are filtered out of the blast wave as far as possible, stones or incendiary devices are intercepted and prevented from penetrating further into the room.

Yes, especially in the case of weak and old window frames, StabaGARD is the ideal supplementary product to PROFILON® security films, which specifically protect the window panes. As a retrofittable security product, StabaGARD blends harmoniously and inconspicuously into the room ambience.

Tests at the Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics, Ernst-Mach-Institut and at the LKA Stuttgart confirm the blast-inhibiting effect of HAVERKAMP StabaGARD and thus the effective hazard reduction.

The system can theoretically be installed on any building. In the case of particularly vulnerable facilities such as judicial buildings, military or police facilities, but also religious meeting places, it often makes sense to use the system.

The HAVERKAMP Catcher System consists of steel brackets, wire ropes, tensioning devices and corresponding bolts. Resulting forces of up to 80 kN are thus safely diverted. As a rule, 2 to 3 ropes are arranged horizontally per window. The total number of ropes required depends on the window geometry and size. In the case of application, the validity of the construction and the anchoring in existing walls must be proven by a static expert opinion.

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