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Light vehicle armour

Lightweight armouring of vehicles - Extremely resistant glass structure

Safety glass + safety film for maximum safety

Particularly in the case of vehicles used in the security sector or for emergency response, there is always a high risk of occupants being attacked and injured in the event of wanton vandalism or demonstrations.
HAVERKAMP HAKAGARD® AM, a laminate of safety glass and safety film, not only prevents dangerous flying fragments in the event of glass breakage, but also has a bullet-resistant effect up to resistance class VPAM 4.

HAVERKAMP Light Vehicle Armour at a glance


  • Extremely resistant laminate of safety glass and safety film
  • Bullet-resistant according to VPAM 2 and 4
  • Inhibitory to throw-through
  • Breakthrough-resistant
  • Extremely thin and therefore lighter than conventional glass
  • Without the use of polycarbonate
  • For passenger protection of police team buses, emergency vehicles and VIP limousines
  • Particularly transparent due to glass-film composite
    Distortion-free view without the use of polycarbonate
  • Combination Sonnen- und/oder Sichtschutz possible, even with switchable film


Bullet resistance VPAM 2 to 4

Retrofittable safety glass

Light armour

High transparency

Areas of application

  • Team buses
  • VIP limousines
  • Police vehicles
  • Military vehicles
  • Special Operations Vehicles
  • Rescue vehicles


Armour with ease

The HAKAGARD® AM structure has a thickness of 16 -18 mm and is thus lighter than conventional glass. Despite the lightweight construction, the vehicle armour is bullet-resistant:

  • Glass construction 16 mm: Classification according to VPAM 2 - Bullet test with 9 mm Luger from a distance of 5 metres.
  • Glass construction 18 mm: Classification according to VPAM 4 - Bullet test with .357 Magnum from a distance of 5 metres.

In addition to the reliable protective effect, HAKAGARD® AM has a very high and long-lasting transparency. Yellowing, which occurs especially when using polycarbonate panes, does not occur with HAKAGARD® AM thanks to the clear film-glass structure.


Product sheet


Yes, the lightweight vehicle armour is extremely resistant: bullet-, puncture- and penetration-resistant.

The composite is not visible to outsiders because it is very thin and transparent. The glass-foil composite allows a clear view.

A combination with HAVERKAMP products from the areas of sun and privacy protection as well as switchable films is possible.

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