The Company

Ever since it was founded in 1978, the HAVERKAMP company has been developing and finishing products that ensure sustainable safety and protection, while repeatedly demonstrating its pioneering nature in both the security industry and the field of sun protection and film technology. 

Our initial core competence of developing and refining security and sun-protection films for flat glass applications subsequently grew into the present-day twin business divisions of SECURITY TECHNOLOGY and SUN PROTECTION AND FILM TECHNOLOGY.

The first of these comprises security films, alarm fences and bullet-resistant vehicle armouring, while the second contains products ranging from sun-protection films, anti-shatter films and decorative films to variable roller-blind and pleated systems:

With meanwhile more than 40 years experience in its field and a wide portfolio of products in the areas of sun protection, window films and security technology, we are constantly working to create new solutions designed to satisfy our customers’ protection and security requirements – and this includes investing in new ideas, as well as research and development. Because as we are well aware, when seeking to protect and secure human life, it is always vital to invest in the best technology, to set high standards, and never to stand still.

Naturally, HAVERKAMP has also been awarded ISO 9001 certification to confirm its high quality standards all the way from the development stage through to installation.

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