Zwei vermummte Personen stehen vor einer Glasscheibe. Der eine versucht mit einem Brecheisen das Glas zu zerbrechen und der andere schaut sich um.

HAVERKAMP protective window films

Simple retrofit solution
More cost-effective than glass replacement
Resistance class P2A certified according to DIN 365 A

With HAVERKAMP security window films AS A1 - to protect people and valuables

A burglary every 7 minutes? Something can be done about it - Well-secured glass for windows and doors without glass replacement

We have developed the HAVERKAMP security window film AS A1 for burglary protection and for protection against attacks with stones or similar thrown objects. If an attempt to break through occurs, the film keeps the shattered glass in the frame.
The flying glass fragments, which are dangerous to humans, are minimized and the service life of the glass is extended.
The multi-layer security window film provides a clear view and is a cost-effective retrofit solution compared to expensive and time-consuming replacement of the glass with security glass.

Eine Person greift mit einer Hand im Handschuh durch die zerbrochene Scheibe einer Tür an die Türklinke. Die gesplitterte Glasscheibe einer Haustür. Sie wird durch eine Sicherheitsfolie zusammengehalten.

Behavior of a glazing during break-through attempts without / with HAVERKAMP security window films

HAVERKAMP window protection film at a glance at a glance


  • simple retrofit solution
  • available in roll lengths: 10 m, 20 m, 30 m
  • significantly less expensive than glass replacement
  • Suitable for all window areas at risk of burglary
  • Burglary resistance and protection against attacks with stones or Molotov cocktails

  • Particularly durable and scratch-resistant
  • easy to clean

  • Thickness: 300µ

  • additional UV filter integrated
  • Extension of the service life of the glazing


Certified according to DIN EN 356 P2A

Burglary protection

Inexpensive retrofit solution

Throw-through inhibiting

Areas of application

  • Private homes: Patio doors, front doors,
  • Window fronts and facades,
  • Data centers
  • public buildings
  • Office building
  • Entrance areas
  • Shop windows
  • Production halls

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Technical data sheet
HAVERKAMP Flat glass films
Product sheet
HAVERKAMP security window film

INFO ON THE HAVERKAMP protective window films

Security window films are window films that are subsequently applied to an existing glass. Due to its nature and thickness (thickness), the film gives the glass after installation properties of a bullet-resistant laminated safety glazing. This means that no glass replacement is necessary for a security upgrade, and therefore it is more cost-effective.

Whether stones, incendiary devices or burglary tools: a self-adhesive burglary protection film is retrofitted to existing glass panes. Thanks to its anti-throw-through properties and special edge bonding, the certified AS A1 security window film ensures that the shattered glass remains in the frame. This minimizes the flying splinters, which are extremely dangerous for people. In addition, the film increases the service life of the glass during (lightning) break-ins, so that burglars often abandon their plan prematurely.

As a flat glass filmthe transparent window protection film is ideal for all window areas at risk of burglary, as it does not interfere with the architectural appearance of the building. Thus, it can be used in private houses as well as in commercial areas (offices, production areas, etc.). In addition, the film is equipped with a special UV filter, which makes it ideal for shop windows. Yellowing or fading of goods or exhibits is delayed extremely effectively.

In order to classify security window protection films into different classes, they must be tested. So the resistance class P2A is a certain classification. The test looks as follows: A metal ball with a diameter of 10 cm and a weight of 4.11 kg is dropped from a height of 3 m onto various points of a test glass. If the product withstands the exposure, it is certified and classified in a resistance class.

The security window film is applied to the existing window pane by an interior installation. Internal installation is important because the anti-burglary film cannot be damaged from the outside and is not exposed to weather conditions. We recommend that security window films be installed only by trained and certified personnel. For this purpose we also offer training courses and seminars  with certifications. 

Before installing the film, make sure that the glass panes are cleaned. Then cut the film (if not already done), to the size of the glass surface. The protective film must be removed, the window and flat glass film should both be moistened. After the film adheres to the window, the liquid must be removed using HAVERKAMP squeegees and squeegees. The final step is to seal the edges - if it is not possible to process under the existing glass retaining bars - and the film is ready for use.
We are happy to advise customers and recommend one of our specialist trade partners.

All HAVERKAMP films can be combined with other window films, such as privacy or solar control films.

Since a special adhesive is used for all HAVERKAMP window films, the film can be removed without leaving any residue.

The protective window film can be easily cleaned with conventional cleaners, for this purpose the films are equipped with a scratch-resistant surface.

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