Wurf mit einer Eisenkugel auf eine Glasscheibe mit Splitterschutzfolie.

HAVERKAMP PROFILON® burglary protection films

Burglar resistant properties
Throw-through resistance
Resistance classes P2A to P4A

Resistant anti-burglary films of the brand PROFILON®.

Tested and certified high performance safety films

HAVERKAMP PROFILON® burglary protection films guarantee security. They are highly resistant, throw through resistant, burglar-resistant and reliably bind splinters. They offer optimum protection against vandalism and attacks with incendiary devices. The multilayer, clear PROFILON® burglary protection films are certified to P2A to P4A according to DIN EN 356. 
The burglary protection films can be combined with further protective features on request, so a film laminate with integrated visual or solar protection or an alarm function can be made.

Die Glasfassade eines Gebäudes. Glasbruch an der Glasfassade eines Gebäudes.

Window coated with HAVERKAMP PROFILON® burglary protection film before (left) and after (right) a burglary attempt.

HAVERKAMP burglary protection films at a glance


  • throw-through resistance
  • Obstruction by smash-and-grab theft
  • shattering resistant
  • Resistance class P2A to P4A according to DIN EN 356
  • RC2 certified
  • optional with alarm function
  • fire flashover resistant (no smoke)
  • UV protection
  • clear transparency
  • scratch insensitive
  • Long life



P2A to P4A DIN EN 356

Optional alarm function

UV protection

Made in Germany

Areas of application

  • Public buildings
  • Office building
  • Meeting rooms / conference rooms
  • Shop window
  • Entrance areas
  • Production halls
  • Industrial plants
  • Server rooms / IT centers
  • Galleries and museums
  • RC2 windows

PROFILON® security film of resistance class P4A

Retrofit solution for RC2 windows

The VdS in Cologne, one of Europe's most important testing institutes for burglary protection, has confirmed the effectiveness and certified the PROFILON® burglary protection film for retrofitting RC2 windows.
The test certificate confirms the use of the film in RC2 windows and the extremely high penetration resistance and shatter resistance in the resistance class P4A according to the standard DIN EN 356. The retrofitting of RC2 windows is often prescribed by insurance companies for certain applications. The complete replacement is not only cost-intensive - it also causes dirt, noise and usually cannot be implemented in the short term.
The security film PROFILON® of the resistance class P4A offers a cost-effective, quick retrofit solution for existing window glazing!
The resistance class P4A according to DIN EN 356 stipulates that the film-glass combination must stop a 4.11 kg steel ball from a drop height of 9 meters three times without breaking through. The steel ball develops an impact speed of up to 50 km/h during the free fall, but cannot penetrate a window with attached PROFILON® film. For the DIN EN 356 test, the safety film of resistance class P4A was tested on the weakest glazing (a thin 4 mm float glass pane).


Reliable burglary protection with integrated warning system

The burglary protection film HAVERKAMP PROFILON® ALARM is a multifunctional burglary protection film with integrated alarm function. It is available in resistance classes P2A to P4A. It complies with EN 356 and UL 972 due to its anti-throw-through and anti-splintering effect.

Silver-plated alarm threads interposed between the film layers provide the multilayer film laminate with an alarm signalling function in case of glass breakage.
The HAVERKAMP PROFILON® ALARM is classified according to VdS with the highest possible alarm class - alarm class C.
The reliable alarm threads, which can be processed optionally at a distance of 4, 10 or 20 centimeters between the film layers, can be combined with already existing, or new alarm systems.

Technical data sheet


Get an overview here:


The resistance classes RC (=resistance class) classify the security of windows and doors according to DIN EN 1627 in burglar-resistant classes. A distinction is made between the classes RC1, RC2, RC3, RC4, RC5 and RC6; in addition, RC1 and RC2 have the suffix "N", which corresponds to a country-specific assignment. The resistance classes for windows and their glazing are classified by several factors such as perpetrator profile, tools used, service life, resistance class of the glazing, locking parts and handle protection.
Windows and doors are classified in resistance class RC2 if they can withstand the perpetrator's profile for at least 3 minutes when equipped with simple tools such as pliers or screwdrivers.

Securing windows against burglary can be achieved with various security films from HAVERKAMP. The range extends from security films of resistance class P2A according to DIN EN 356 to the highly effective class P4A. These film laminates consist of different numbers of film layers and can thus be adapted to the customer's security requirements. HAVERKAMP security films provide your windows with a variety of protective properties: Blast resistance, throw through secure, shatter resistance, B1 flame retardancy and, on request, additional functions in the field of privacy and sun protection.

Shatter protection films have a splinter-binding effect and aim to keep glass splinters in check in the event of glass breakage. This is to prevent cuts or damage to property due to flying splinters. Splinter protection films are used in areas where there is a high risk of injury or damage due to flying splinters, such as in kindergartens, private households or industrial production halls.
→ HAVERKAMP Shatter protection films

Burglar-resistant security films, on the other hand, protect glazing from unexpected intruders. In addition to shatter-binding properties, security films have additional functions in terms of blast resistance, puncture resistance, shatter departure resistance and B1 flame retardancy. HAVERKAMP security films are tested and certified according to resistance in the resistance classes for windows, French doors and glass

A window film may be called impact-resistant if it has been certified and classified by a test procedure according to DIN EN 356. The impact resistance is certified in the test procedure by a ball drop test. In this test, a total of three metal balls with a dead weight of 4.11 kg are dropped from different heights onto the film-glass composite, depending on the desired resistance class. The glazing must prevent the impact of all three balls in order to be certified according to DIN EN 356

Anti-burglary films from HAVERKAMP are installed on the inside of a glazing to ensure the full effect of the window films. The installation on the inside of the window also has a positive influence on the durability of the films, as extreme weather conditions and heavy soiling of the film are excluded. .

Higher resistance classes cannot be achieved by applying the film on the inside and outside at the same time. Because this "solution" is not effective:
It is then open to manipulation attempts and could be sabotaged very easily. 
In addition, a security film applied to the outside can then only achieve the tested protective effects in the warm summer months. The film material becomes brittle during the winter months. To eliminate this negative effect, HAVERKAMP offers all PROFILON® burglary protection films exclusively for interior installation.

The maximum roll width of PROFILON® burglary protection films is 1500 mm. If the maximum dimension is exceeded in height and width, a horizontal butt seam is required. This does not restrict the effect of the security films.

Due to the high quality of materials and workmanship, the anti-burglary films are almost invisible. After the film installation, small bubbles of the installation liquid may occur due to the film thickness. The liquid diffuses through the film at different rates depending on the environmental conditions (outside temperature, sunlight, season, etc.). At the end of the curing process, they are completely dissolved. The process can take up to several weeks.

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