HAVERKAMP - strong in film, glass, sun protection and security

We are an owner-managed, medium-sized company based in Münster. Our products in the field of film technology and sun protection are used worldwide.

The HAVERKAMP-team consists of approx. 85 employees. Quality, customer proximity and reliability are our strengths - we have been successful in film and security technology since 1978. Our many years of experience in the development of innovations made of films that endow glass with special properties speak for themselves.

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HAVERKAMP GmbH was founded in 1978 as a sole proprietorship in Münster, Westphalia.
At the height of terrorism activities in Germany, the founders recognized the great development potential in the then still largely unknown film technology for securing the working and living environment of particularly threatened public figures.


Foundation of SST Sicherheitstechnik HAVERKAMP GmbH


First visit to the Security trade fair in Essen, the company's appearance becomes more professional.


Patent application for the PROFILON® trademark in the USA.


To illustrate the effect of the films, HAVERKAMP is launching product demonstrations for interested parties / security experts.


Change of the company name to HAVERKAMP SST Sicherheitstechnik GmbH


Foundation of Havaco Folientechnik GmbH.
In addition to the business field of security technology, a separate business field was established around the topic of sun protection and film technology.


Foundation of HAVERKAMP Security Fences GmbH


Move to the HAVERKAMP company building at Kaiserbusch in Münster.


Merger of the companies SST Sicherheitstechnik HAVERKAMP GmbH and Havaco Folientechnik GmbH into HAVERKAMP GmbH


New corporate presence at the Security in Essen.
The booth shows all four company divisions, represented as:
Haverkamp "Kamps", Kamp 1 - Kamp 4.


Purchase of HAVERKAMP Security Fences GmbH as a 100% subsidiary.
Spin-off of the project division as HAVERKAMP Projekt GmbH.


Foundation of HAVERKAMP Zaun- und Toranlagen GmbH


Integration of the automotive film brand SL® - The Window Film into the HAVERKAMP brand world


1st international trade fair appearance: HAVERKAMP exhibits for the first time at the IDEX security trade fair in Abu Dhabi.


HAVERKAMP Innovation

Opening of the HAVERKAMP Innovations division.
Goal: Generate customer-specific solutions


Opening of the production plant HAVERKAMP Werk II


CLIMAT SCREEN, a Dutch manufacturer of sun protection systems is now HAVERKAMP.
We are expanding our portfolio in the field of variable sun protection systems and film hangings and now produce even more diverse.


Introduction of the pilot project 4-day week.

Due to the innovative management style that has been anchored in the company for years, the 4-day week is another milestone in HAVERKAMP's history.

Pioneering spirit drives us forward

HAVERKAMP operates in market segments that are characterized by rapid change and ever-changing challenges. We specialize in understanding materials and combining them into new solutions for the respective market. Smart, intuitive, future-oriented! 
As a partner to our customers, we are open to any kind of ideas and would like to implement them together with you. Curiosity and innovation are part of the HAVERKAMP DNA.

There is a strong team behind every project!

A good atmosphere within the company is the basis for successful cooperation. Therefore, HAVERKAMP attaches great importance to a well-balanced working atmosphere and supports each employee to mature core competences and to use them profitably. As a result, a well-balanced team has developed at HAVERKAMP, which is supplemented and upgraded each year by specially trained specialists. 
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Shaping the future sustainably today

What can a company do to become more sustainable and act in a more future-oriented way? We at HAVERKAMP are committed to becoming and being more sustainable wherever we leave a footprint. See for yourself!

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HAVERKAMP solutions. Always one step ahead!

HAVERKAMP Innovationen
Our core business is films and glass film laminates from which we develop solutions for buildings and automotive. We understand our products and their properties down to the smallest detail and can therefore produce film laminates and glass film composites exactly to the requirements of our customers.
Demonstration einer Autotür, nachdem sie mit Brennstoff beworfen wurde.
HAVERKAMP PROFILON® Sicherheitsfolien
In the security films division, we focus on terrain from the property line to the outer skin of a building and motor vehicles.
HAVERKAMP Sonnenschutzfolien
Sun protection systems from HAVERKAMP are made to measure for windows and doors or as roll goods and convince with a high demand on quality and technology.